6 Character Building Principles that attract the Right People – Stephanie Williams

Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist, once imparted a timeless truth when he declared that knowledge may bestow power, but it is character that earns respect. He beckoned us to ponder: do we not aspire to be respected? If the answer is a resounding yes, then mastering our character is the path to that elusive respect.

In the grand symphony of life, where influence, gifts, academic achievements, skills, and talents vie for our attention, it’s character that takes the center stage, stealing the limelight as the most invaluable component. Character defines who we are and molds our destiny, an eternal truth that transcends time and culture.

Character, you see, is the most potent force one can wield to safeguard their life and construct a lasting legacy. The question that echoes through the ages is this: what will be said about your name when you are no longer in the realm of the living? The answer to this age-old query lies in the realm of character.
Proverbs, the book of ancient wisdom, firmly proclaims that a good name is superior to all the riches of the world. If you possess every material treasure but lack the distinguishing mark of character, you possess nothing. Character is the bedrock, the foundation upon which any edifice of success can firmly stand.

A person bereft of character is like a ship without an anchor, drifting aimlessly through life’s tempestuous sea, for when the foundation is flawed, there is little the righteous can accomplish.

You might be bestowed with extraordinary gifts and talents, perhaps even the envy of your peers, but if you lack a noble character, you are but a fleeting shadow destined to fade away like a dissipating cloud. It is a character that immortalizes individuals such as Dr. Myles Munroe, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and countless others. Their names resonate through the annals of history, and it is character that etches their legacies in the collective memory of humanity.

So, how do you wish to be remembered when your time on this mortal coil is spent? Are you someone whose words and deeds can be entrusted without a shadow of doubt? The answers to these questions are deeply rooted in the character you cultivate.
Never underestimate the role of character in your personal growth and development. It is a character that safeguards your life and acts as a shield for your gifts and talents, protecting them from the erosive forces of time.

But how can one construct a character that stands the test of time? Let’s delve into the art of character-building.

1. Be Intentional
Character development is not a happenstance occurrence. It’s a lifelong endeavor that demands unwavering intentionality. Nothing in life unfolds by accident; it takes deliberate effort to craft a character of distinction. You must intentionally steer your thoughts and actions towards the desired destination. What do you aspire to become or create for yourself? Begin by taking practical, intentional steps towards your vision.

As I realized my aspiration to build a character of excellence, I committed myself to infusing my best efforts into everything I undertook. I may not have been flawless, but I executed tasks with unwavering determination and the intention to excel. It’s through this intentional pursuit of excellence that character is refined and strengthened.

2. Embrace Humility
A yearning for significance in life cannot coexist with pride. To nurture character, one must humbly relinquish their ego. Humility marks the threshold of wisdom, and it’s the gateway to continual growth. It takes a humble heart to remain open to corrections and learn from every encounter, for no one is infallible. Embrace humility, as it’s the key that unlocks the doors to deeper understanding and wisdom. As the holy book reminds us, “He gives grace to the humble.”

3. Define Your Values
Values serve as the internal compass that guides your actions, thoughts, and behavior. Values are your Internal Operating System (IOS) upon which your decisions are made and affect your direction in life. To build a character of substance, it’s imperative to be clear about your values and hold steadfast to them. Your values are the bedrock upon which your decisions are made, actions are taken, habits are formed, and ultimately, your lifestyle and results are determined.
Be unwavering in your commitment to be the best version of yourself, to give your best in all endeavors, and to do your best in all things. This unwavering commitment to your values is the foundation upon which a character that yields irresistible results is constructed.

4. Practice Discipline
Consistency and predictability in results are hallmarks of a disciplined individual. Discipline requires choosing what is right over what is easy. Discipline is doing the right thing no matter how you feel. It beckons you to always do the right thing, irrespective of the choices made by others. Hold fast to your moral principles and stay resolute in your commitment. A valuable lesson I imbibed from Sir Fela Durotoye is that our inner dialogue shapes our actions and habits. What you constantly affirm to yourself, you become. The extent of your discipline in pursuing your goals is a primary determinant of the results you achieve. I also remember the wisdom of Coach Eno Sam which caused a shift in my mindset from “I should” to “I must,” for therein lies the spirit of discipline.

5. Know God For yourself
The role of faith and spirituality cannot be disregarded in character development. Knowing and revering a higher power provides a spiritual foundation for character formation. Seek God for guidance, and base your convictions on His word. When you allow God’s wisdom to guide your path, your words, and your vision, you set yourself on a path toward prosperity. The divine wisdom that emanates from a connection with the divine can enrich your character and pave the way for enduring success.

6. Value Relationships
The manner in which you treat others is a litmus test for your character. Do you view people as mere stepping stones to advance in life? Character is chiefly forged through the daily interactions and relationships we cultivate. Display respect and honor to all individuals, for the keys to your future may be held by the most unassuming figure at your doorstep. The slow and gradual formation of character is most evident in how we treat others. Display care and respect to everyone you encounter, for that is where the true measure of your character lies.

It’s no news how important a relationship is and the difference it can make in a person’s success. Relationships are now the new currency that can be used to purchase your relevance and you must start building great quality relationships. Relationships can be built and sustained through service and honor to others.

In conclusion, character is akin to gold, requiring refining and constant attention. It is the cornerstone of our destiny and the legacy we leave behind. As we embark on the journey of life, let us remember that it is character that elevates us to a realm of respect and secures a lasting legacy. To build an enduring character, one must be intentional, embrace humility, define their values, practice discipline, seek divine guidance, and value relationships. In the end, it’s not the riches or accolades that define us, but the character we possess.

Stephanie Williams
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