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Picture a couple who seems to have it all. They’re always smiling, and laughing, and seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. You wonder, what’s their secret? Is it chemistry? Shared interests? Or something more intangible? As it turns out, happy couples have a few surprising habits that set them apart from the rest. From small gestures to big decisions, a lot of work goes into making their union work. This is where the saying “It takes two to tangle” plays out because building a happy union is not a one-sided game as it requires two matured individuals of the opposite sex to come together and agree to make a relationship work.

In a situation where only one party is putting in the work to making the relationship work, it’s all about time, the relationship will break up and everyone goes their separate ways.

The truth is, a blissful union is attainable and a desire every intending couple should look forward to in making theirs a heaven-on-earth kind of experience. To achieve such a beautiful union, here are 9 habits of happy couples that you may not have known about and can help you build a lasting relationship:

1. Quality Time

Happy couples understand that it’s not about spending every waking moment together, but making the most of the time they do have. No doubt, they prioritize quality time over quantity time.

Whether it’s a weekly date night or a weekend getaway, they make time for each other and prioritize their relationship.

They understand that spending time together helps to build intimacy and strengthen their bond. A couple that spends quality time together and enjoys the company of one another tends to last longer together, and this can only be possible if they marry a spouse whom they love dearly.

Love is a beautiful thing and you must do love with someone whom you can be free with to the point of enjoying quality time together without feeling a sense of guilt.

Quality time bonds couple together, and you can replicate this to building a long lasting union with your partner, and live a happy life forever.

2. Open Communication

Effective communication in relationship is non negotiable as it helps to solidify the bond couples share.

To enjoy a happy union, communication must be honest and open and this is one thing happy couple enjoy doing the most. They communicate everything even to the slightest of things so as to understand each other better.

Where communication is not properly expressed, the relationship will suffer a great deal and may likely result to breakup in the long run.
One of the most important habits of happy couples is their ability to communicate honestly and openly with each other. This means not just sharing the good, but also the bad and the ugly.

Happy couples are willing to have tough conversations and work through challenges together. They understand that communication is key to a healthy and happy relationship. And the truth is, without effective communication, there would be miscommunication, and where there’s miscommunication, crisis abounds.

Therefore, communication cannot be bargained. It’s either effective communication or nothing.

3. Act of Gratitude

Gratitude is a way of life that should be seen with everyone, and most importantly, couples who desires a happy union.
Gratitude is an act that expresses a deep appreciation for one’s partner for who they are, and for what they’ve done for you no matter how minute. It opens doors to receiving more and it makes your partner feel so appreciated for having you in their life, this is the lifestyle practiced by happy couple.

They express appreciation for each other regularly, whether it’s through words, actions, or small gestures. This creates a positive cycle of giving and receiving that strengthens their bond. They understand the importance of acknowledging and valuing each other’s contributions to the relationship. Whether it’s thanking their partner for taking out the trash or expressing gratitude for their emotional support, happy couples make gratitude a daily habit.

You should consider practicing the act of gratitude to your partner and see how beautiful your relationship will turn out to become in a short time.

4. Genuine Support For Each Other

Having a partner that supports your goals and vision is one gift everyone should pray for.

As a couple, having someone who genuinely supports you to achieving your goals is something you shouldn’t take for granted.
Happy couples support each other’s goals and dreams. They encourage each other to pursue their passions and are there to celebrate their successes and pick them up after failures.

They understand that supporting each other’s goals and dreams is essential for a thriving relationship and they are very generous about lending a helping hand to ensuring their partner achieve whatever goals they’ve set for themselves.

They see supporting themselves as an obligation they must fulfil in other to stay happy as couples. To them, it is more of a collaborative partnership rather than engage in an unhealthy competition.

Whatever they set out to do, they are each other cheerleaders and biggest fans.

5. Prioritizing Physical Affection

Physical affection is one of the benefits of having a spouse, to have someone you can share deep intimacy with and this is what happy couples do – They prioritize physical affection.

Happy couples understand the power of physical connection and make it a priority in their relationship. This doesn’t just mean sex, but also cuddling, holding hands, and other forms of touch. They understand that physical affection helps to build trust, intimacy, and emotional connection.

They also understand that they cannot share it with everyone and with anybody, but the only partner they are married to, so they are ready to go all out to make their spouse happy and fulfilled by prioritizing their physical affection for a long lasting union.

They also make time for emotional intimacy such as time to talk, listen, and connect on a deeper level. They understand that intimacy helps to build emotional connection and trust.

6. Enjoy Personal Interests And Hobbies

To enjoy happiness in your relationship, you must have personal interests and hobbies you engage in as an individual, because when you have a life of your own, it becomes easier to build a happy relationship with your partner who also does not joke with his or her hobbies.
And this is what I love about happy couples. They have their own interests and hobbies they run with personally even in marriage.

Happy couples don’t rely solely on each other for happiness and fulfillment. They have their own interests and hobbies that they pursue independently, which allows them to bring new experiences and perspectives back to the relationship. They understand that having their own lives outside of the relationship is healthy and can help to prevent feelings of boredom or resentment.

In the case where one’s partner is absent, perhaps for a business trip or pursuit of one’s career, the other won’t feel lonely because there’s something that keeps them busy and fulfilled till their arrival.

Get busy with your life and it becomes easy to build a happy relationship with your spouse.

7. Forgiveness

Forgiveness means acknowledging the fact that someone has deeply hurt you, but you choose to let it go, and pardon the other for the wrong done to you.

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

This is why to build a happy union with your spouse, you must learn the act of forgiveness which is a common attribute you will find with happy couple. They practice forgiveness.

Happy couples understand that no one is perfect and that forgiveness is essential for a healthy relationship. They are willing to let go of grudges and move forward.

They understand that holding onto anger or resentment can poison the relationship and lead to unnecessary conflict. So they avoid it by all means.

This can be you too, if you can practice forgiveness, a happy marriage is attainable.

8. Realistic Expectations

Setting realistic expectations for one’s spouse is one key to a beautiful yet happy relationship and this is what you’d find with happy couples. They have realistic expectations.

Happy couples understand that relationships have ups and downs, and that no one person can meet all of their needs. They have realistic expectations of each other and work to meet each other’s needs as best they can. They understand that compromise and flexibility are key to a successful relationship and they are ready to make their relationship work to enjoy a happy relationship.

9. Romance

Romance plays a major role in helping couples build a happy union. A relationship without romantic gestures would lack the spark that should keep it going.

Happy couples understand that romance isn’t just for the early stages of a relationship, it is for the long term in marriage.

So they make a conscious effort to keep the romance alive by doing things like writing love notes, surprising each other with thoughtful gestures, and making time for special occasions. They understand that keeping the romance alive helps to keep the spark in their relationship.

In conclusion, happy couples may seem like they have it all figured out, but their habits aren’t rocket science. By doing all of these and more, happy couples create a strong foundation for their relationship. And when you adopt these habits, you too can create a happier, healthier relationship with your partner.

Remember that building a strong relationship takes time, effort, and commitment, but the rewards are well worth it.

Maureen Ikeh
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