A Conference to Remember – Ogechi Adili Amajuoyi

There is a global outcry for change and young people worldwide are at the forefront of this fight for social justice and change.


The JPI Youth Leadership Convention is a unique platform that encourages and equips young leaders and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and tools needed to bring about the desired change and become key players in community development and building sustainable businesses. It acknowledges that young people are that lucky special piece that completes the puzzle. Hence, we are committed to providing essential information, robust education, quality knowledge, and global exposure to better position young leaders across Africa especially Nigeria to achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and reach their full potential.


The conference is designed specifically and purposefully to inspire and equip young minds with the necessary skills, knowledge, value system, and mindset needed to excel as world leaders and entrepreneurs. This International Convention features carefully selected renowned speakers, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities designed to empower participants to embrace innovation and take charge of their future and community.


The conference provides a golden opportunity for an in-depth assessment of young people’s socio-economic and intellectual growth. It will convey together young professionals and youth leaders from across Nigeria and international delegates with bright minds and a yearning spirit for impact. This international youth conference aims to foster a greater acknowledgment of youths as vital drivers of social change and economic progress in all parts of society. It allows participants to enhance and reinforce their leadership capability and mastery through an interactive session conducted by a faculty of experts and well-groomed professionals.


This mind-blowing conference has refined and trained thousands of youths all over Africa and beyond. Endowing them with a lifetime opportunity of experiencing truly how a refined system works and making them better-informed individuals. The converged young leaders exchange ideas, network, and broaden their understanding and circle because of being in attendance.


Young leaders leave their comfort zones to experience something new, exchange cultural experiences, unlearn limiting beliefs, learn new things, gain new ideas, adopt new structures for career and business, relearn values, and leave the conference experience as robust leaders.


The quality experts and professionals who are invited to this conference to handle training sessions, interactive workshops, and other educational activities are individuals with proven track records of experience and results. This level of intentionality goes a long way to prove that attending the JPI Youth Leadership Convention isn’t time wasted or energy burned with cause. 

The bonding activities carried out at this convention are planned with intentionality so that they create room for intense networking, exposure, fun, and access to communication with industry experts whom you can’t meet casually and learn from their bowl of knowledge. This conference makes the impossible possible. 


The just concluded Youth Leadership Convention which was held in the beautiful city of Port Harcourt, is solid proof that the conference isn’t a joke as attendees have a lot of testimonials to share. The satisfaction on the faces of participants, their vibes, energy, laughter, and testimonials show how much they gained and how much fun they had. 


The conference, without stress,  met the ten criteria of a good conference which include; relevance, engaging experts, networking opportunities, interactive sessions, clear organisation, diverse standpoints, quality facilities, adequate resources, a positive atmosphere, and high-quality content.


Relevance: The Youth Leadership Convention held in Port Harcourt city exuded relevance as the topic design covered necessary, important, and practicable subject matters ranging from personal development, industry knowledge, leadership, competence, and positioning.


Engaging experts: the facilitators at the conference weren’t just facilitators as they were established professionals and experts of various fields with practicable and relatable experiences which made them engaging during the conference. There wasn’t any boring session. This kept participants wanting more and giddy with excitement. 


Networking Opportunities: One major role quality of a good conference is the availability of networking opportunities. This is one crust of JPI conferences. It provides access to industry experts, creates a platform to share ideas with like minds, and provides an environment that enables the establishment of new relationships and strengthens the bond of old ones. No one leaves a JPI conference mediocre.


Interactive Sessions: This is always the highlight at any JPI conference and the one held in Port Harcourt was no different. There was room for feedback, Q&A sessions, and expression of knowledge and thoughts. This opportunity also fine-tuned the public speaking skills of participants as everyone felt included in the learning process.


Clear Organization: Any conference that lacks this quality will not be remarkable. The organisation is one quality JPI Youth Leadership Convention is known for. There is a structure in the order of events and a clear schedule. This also informs the comportment of attendees and aids in learning and seamless understanding.


Diverse Standpoints:  The conference was inclusive as there was inclusion of a variety of perspectives, and viewpoints, which enriched discussions and provided a well-rounded experience for attendees. This quality makes JPI conferences attractive. 


Quality Facilities: When it comes to youth development and leadership training, JPI is concerned about quality over cost.  All facilities were put in place with so much intentionality. Nothing was shabby. From the hall, to food, to sound system to training materials. Everything screamed quality. It is quality or nothing.


Adequate Resources: Relevant materials, resources, and tools were put in place to aid participants engage and connect to the conference content adequately. This kept attendees engaged and their attention undivided. 


Positive Atmosphere: The environment was conducive. The dress code of attendees and experts revealed the international outlook of the conference. The positivity was contagious. There would be no outstanding conference without this quality and Youth Leadership Convention Port Harcourt lacked none of it.


High-quality Content: No trainer came unprepared. The program structure and content were well selected and delivered. The expectations of every attendee were exceeded.


Youth Leadership Convention Port Harcourt chapter was an event to be remembered. Every single participant experienced an ‘Aha’ moment and they are yet to recover from the sugar rush the conference offered effortlessly.


This is just the beginning and I hope that you will be part of the next.




Ogechi Adili
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