Abasifreke Thompson

Position: Executive Member
Phone: 08071479782
Membership: Executive
Profession: Business Development Expert
Skills: Strategy, Public Speaking, Execution
Location: Nigeria

A dynamic business expert with over three years of experience managing several businesses.


Abasifreke Thompson is a graduate of marine Engineering, at Rivers State University. His drive to help small businesses overcome operational deficiency, poor financial management, and unproductive strategy to become successful and growth-driven enterprises led him to European Business University where he became a certified Business Manager. He has worked with over 500 Business Owners, helping them to identify these pain points, understand the specific challenges faced by each, and provide tailored solutions to address their needs.

He is the production manager at TM Blizzy Perfumes, a brand with distributors in Uyo, Abak, Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Owerri.

He is a lover of God and seeks to help every small business owner through a sustainable growth path.


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