Alenu Ihotu Faith

Position: Founder - Fai Fai Premium Beverages/Fries
Phone: 09039219084
Membership: Executive
Profession: Pastry Chef/Cook, Creative Writer, Personal Development Strategist.
Skills: Culinary expertise, Creativity, Communication Skills, Adaptability,
Location: Nigeria

Meet Ihotu Faith, a dynamic individual. She is an intellectual , thrilling, captivating and industrious being wearing many hats as she marvelously impact lives and create a compelling and unique presence. Known as “The Breathed Writer,” she breathes life into her words as a creative writer, crafting captivating content for various platforms.

With a knack for hospitality and culinary arts, she dazzles as a Cook/Pastry Chef at a charming hotel, while also tantalizing taste buds with her Fai Fai Premium Beverages like tigernut and zobo drinks on weekends. Balancing her culinary talents with academic pursuits, Ihotu Faith is a final year student of Accountancy at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She’s not just about numbers; she’s also honing her communication skills at Springsgates Grammar School and mastering the art of editing and proofreading at Worital Publishing House. Beyond her professional endeavors, Ihotu is a beacon of faith, spreading messages of inspiration as a Gospel influencer.

Her passion for personal growth extends to social media, where she shares valuable insights as a Personal Development Strategist. Recently, she’s the overall winner of the CMAWA Writing Scholarship Challenge and received the Youth Leadership Award at the JPI Youth Leadership Conference, recognizing her as one of the 100 young leaders and innovators.

Furthermore, Ihotu extends her expertise to assisting other brands as a virtual assistant, serving as a go-to person for handling online affairs, thus contributing to their success and growth as a brand. With her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication, Ihotu Faith is a force to be reckoned with, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.


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