Amb. Israel Ewomazino Omanudhowho

Position: Team Leader
Phone: 07063637179
Membership: Executive
Profession: Youth Development Coach
Skills: Public Speaking, Writing
Location: Nigeria

THE PERSONALITY OF AMB. ISRAEL EWOMAZINO OMANUDHOWHO AMB. ISRAEL EWOMAZINO OMANUDHOWHO is a name synonymous with youth development and societal transformation. Over the years, he has demonstrated greatness in different facets of life in a unique way that distinguished him from his contemporaries.


He is a dynamic young CHANGE MAKER who has shown astuteness in youth mentoring and coaching, with a high penchant for youth development and discovery of potential; these he does to promote a saner society. He has achieved all the aforementioned, through Change Makers Club Int’l, a Non-Governmental organization that he founded in 2011, that is involved in youth development and societal transformation.

Amb. Israel’s vision through his Change Makers Club Int’l, has imparted over two million youths across the globe.


Amb. Israel is a vibrant ENTREPRENEUR that gives more value to clients than profit. He’s the founder and CEO of ZINO PRINTS VENTURES a global firm that’s into all digital printing, publishing & ICT services; a firm that delivers high-quality jobs to their clients at affordable prices, in the comfort of their homes. Israel is a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER & a Purpose Clarity Coach who has the capacity to address various youth-related issues. He has spoken on various platforms to motivate young people and give them clarity on their God-given gifts & purposes in life. He is also an AUTHOR who has 4 books to his name. His books are read by the old and the young. They are simplified and can be understood by the educated and uneducated. The message of motivation to get life to its fullest is mostly preached in his books and write-ups. The latest titled: THE TURNING POINT has helped turned many people on the right track to productive living.


He is an ICT TEACHER who has a unique passion to see his students become computer literate and become great people in the society. He doesn’t just teach but he imparts knowledge that breeds excellence among his students. He is a PREACHER of the Gospel of Christ who teaches the importance of faith & work. He encourages people to fight the good fight of faith. He preaches holiness and righteousness. He is a HUSBAND and a FATHER who loves his family so much. He tries so hard to take good care of them. He’s also the father of so many young people.


He is a FRIEND who knows how to encourage and support friendship. You cannot talk with him for five minutes and you will not be motivated. HE IS A WONDER TO OUR WORLD!


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