Amb. Merlyn Tamunoemi

Position: Senior Executive Director
Phone: 07030668220
Membership: Executive
Profession: Career Development Consultant & Coach
Skills: Coaching, Leadership, Public Speaking, Decision Making, Management, Training, Counseling, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Business Development, Analytical skills, Project Management, Budgeting, Reporting
Location: Nigeria

Amb. Merlyn Tamunoemi is a seasoned career development consultant and coach with a 14-year track record across diverse industries.

As the founder of Career Breedge Consultancy, a distinguished career development and talent management organization, she is dedicated to empowering entry-level career starters and young job seekers by instilling in them the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve their professional aspirations. With a wealth of experience as an operations and people manager, coupled with expertise in learning and development, she brings a unique blend of skills to guide individuals in navigating the dynamic landscape of their careers.

As a trained and certified Neuro-linguistic practitioner, she leverages effective communication strategies to foster personal and professional growth.


Her commitment extends beyond conventional career counseling, aiming to inspire individuals to not only secure fulfilling employment but also to cultivate a mindset conducive to sustained success. With a proven track record of transforming aspirations into achievements, she is passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential and realize their professional dreams. Hence beyond her corporate endeavors, she has established iBoost Personality Intl, a brand committed to addressing the personal development needs of young adults.


Her multifaceted background uniquely positions her to guide individuals in navigating the complexities of personal and career growth.


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