Amb. Synka Jessica JyteDavis

Position: Country Director, Zoonfair Technology
Phone: 09036258410
Membership: Executive
Profession: Business Management Consultant, Social Development Expert & Serial Entrepreneur
Skills: Brand strategy, Crisis Management, Execution, Public Speaking, Voice Over Production
Location: Nigeria

AMB. SYNKA JESSICA JYTEDAVIS is a Business Management Consultant, Social Development Expert, Communications Strategist, a Serial Entrepreneur and a United Nations Eminent Ambassador.

She is a young African professional who dares to be different as she harnesses her skills and expertise in leadership and corporate strategy to contribute to organizational growth at mid and top management levels thereby helping management teams attain optimal organizational structures and establish working business strategies. Her keen desire to understand and critically analyze the affairs of the international community led her to acquire a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations alongside a Diploma in Leadership Development, both from Covenant University.


She also went a step further to acquire an Executive Masters in Business Strategy and Organizational Leadership from East London Business College, UK. With an increasing scope of experience in diverse sectors, she has built professional capacity working with several organizations in the following sectors: International affairs (African Union, Model United Nations) Advanced global tertiary education (Rome Business School), Foreign trade, Global media & communications, Financial technology, etc.

She sits on the board of a few social impact organizations and is the Executive Director of Syndaj Global Limited, a multifaceted business service company committed to human capital development, corporate organizational branding and business development across sectors.


Her early involvement in social impact availed her the opportunity to work on the platform of two international organizations in USA & London (ENACTUS & Hult Prize) where she explored her passion for solving societal issues by designing and executing different social development projects, working with other change agents across the globe to create sustainable solutions to pressing issues within a space of 4 years thus driving an impact record of over 3000 beneficiaries in Western Nigeria. As an excellent corporate content developer, she has covered high profile programs across the globe including: Yale University Africa Partnership Briefing with President Salovey, Interswitch-American Express alliance to broaden acceptance for AMEX cards in Nigeria, Havard Business School webinar series on Crisis Management for African Business Leaders with, African Union consultation on youth response to COVID 19, African Development Bank relief response to COVID-19, Africa CEO Forum, to mention but a few. She has also gained prowess over the years as a seasoned voice over artist, having worked with high profile brands on projects that have been aired at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg in Germany, film festivals around Africa, Europe, Asia and on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), multinational company programs and other prominent platforms.


As a budding global voice, she has spoken on several high profile platforms such as: American Corner, Africa Hacks Global Innovation Competition, Yali Network, Nigeria Info, Wazobia fm, Nigerian Air Force base – Ikeja, Covenant University Model United Nations Conference as Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, Babcock International Model United Nations Conference as Delegate of Iraq, Nigeria International Secondary School Model United Nations Conference as Delegate of Ukraine, to mention but a few.

The wealth of experience she has gained from building capacity in community based projects, global social development programs, media engagements, mid and top management roles in diverse sectors, have greatly improved her ability to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility amongst teams.

She is the author of the book: The Wait – Maximizing Your Hibernation Season & Thriving Through It. A detailed guide to help individuals understand how to navigate difficult season as they strive to attain their desired breakthrough!

She is the blueprint of excellence, drive, determination and an inspiration to young people across her reach of influence.


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