Bethel Onyemaechi O

Position: JPI, Abia State President
Phone: 07088156214
Membership: Executive
Profession: Founder, The Thrivers Tribe
Skills: Strategy, Leadership Skills, Teamwork
Location: Nigeria

Bethel Onyemaechi is a devoted and ardent Kingdom Diplomat who is driven by kingdom advancement in the area of skillfulness and influence. I am Striving in all possible best to impact his generation through any permeable means of communication and relationships.

I maximize every opportunity to break the mediocrity and smallness indoctrination that has been chipped into the motherboard of our hearts and has existed and systemized the lifestyle of Africans. I achieve this through my seasoned spirit-inspired contents, summits, conferences and personal life guidance sessions.


Served as a Lead Coordinator in youth organizations past years till 2018. Spoken in physical and virtual summits, trainings, conferences past years. Impacted over 6000 persons directly and indirectly within the last 12 months online. I am the lead trainer of the School of Content Writing and Audience Building (SOCAB), where I teach people how to constructively create contents that positions them strategically as industry experts and thought leaders. Convener – Maximum Productivity Summit (Annual summit geared towards igniting a high level of productivity in the lives of people in their respective endeavours, and making them produce tremendous results for efforts given in).


Bethel Onyema is also the founder of The Thrivers Tribe. A Facebook community targeted at raising change makers and building young people who are poised with making impacts and creating wealth. Convener – The Thrivers Conference I am driven and passionate about growth and development and uses the kingdom principles to establish that. I love to see individuals grow and milk every opportunity online in their businesses and service rendering.


I have won many awards for speaking, participating and facilitating so many seminars, trainings, volunteering and so forth. Author, Crack The Social Media Codes. Lead Trainer, Grow and Thrive Mentorship Hub.


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