Chidinma Victoria Wehere

Position: Executive Member
Phone: 08137328439
Membership: Executive
Profession: Teens Coach and Founder, Zarum cleaning services
Skills: Data entry, Sales and Content Creator
Location: Nigeria

My name is Chidinma Victoria Wehere, I am a Nigerian. A Data entry expert, Customer care Representative, Teen Clarity Coach, Cleanprenuer, Social Media Manager, PCOS warrior and Digital skills trainer for teens.

I create contents on teens matters to educate teens and my experience with PCOS to create more awareness about the condition.

I work as a Data entry expert and social media manager for a cosmetic business.
Got certified as a Data entry expert from Chioma Business school.

In 2021, I founded one of the fast rising cleaning companies in the city of Port Harcourt Rivers state.

The hunger to help young people kept on increasing as the day went by which eventually turned out to be my PASSION.

My passion for helping teens gain clarity and direction made me accept becoming a teen pastor in my local church.

January 11th 2021, SUCCESSFUL TEENS AND TEEN PARENTING ACADEMY was founded where we help teens gain clarity and direction in life by Educating, Engaging, Empowering, Inspire, Coach and Pray for teens. I also partner with parents to raise Intentional teens who know their destination.
I intend to work with schools, churches and like-minds to help teens gain clarity and direction.
I feel fulfilled when I see Teens going towards the right direction.

My Vision is simple; I want every Teenager out there to be INTENTIONAL about life.

This passion of helping Teenagers out there inspired me to getting equipped with the right knowledge and Information.

I got certified in Teen Counseling from Leadimpact University USA and Training for Teens Coaches and mentors from Society for Teens Development and 9ineTeen works.

I have authored a book to inspire and motivate, which happens to be my first book THE CLEANER GIRL; A diary of a Teenage girl and how she overcame the hurdles of life.

I am a creative and self motivated professional always willing to develop ideas and explore opportunities to make a positive impact. My qualities and experiences gained in the past few years will be use to inspire and motivate the teens.

I am open to New opportunities. If you are looking for an organized and diligent individual you are welcome to contact me.


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