Chinyere Kasakwe

Position: Founder, Global Trailblazers Network/Brainup Solutions LLC
Membership: Executive
Profession: Brand Strategist
Skills: Strategist, Project management and Leadership
Location: Nigeria

Chinyere Kasakwe, the Founder of Global Trailblazers Network, is dedicated to empowering women and girls through networking opportunities. As the CEO of Brainup Solutions LLC, a U.S.-based company, she offers recruitment support, business training, branding, and consultancy services, guiding individuals and organizations from concept to global recognition.


Over the past 5 years, she has mentored numerous individuals, customizing programs to their needs and providing continuous coaching. Chinyere’s commitment to growth led her to launch the podcast “The Trailblazing Life,” where she shares inspirational insights. Certified in HR, project management, and customer service, she currently works with Kas Oil and Gas. A dynamic speaker, she has graced various stages and TV shows, positively impacting many.

Additionally, as a serial entrepreneur, she owns businesses such as 2nice Luxury (a beauty brand) and Bryankas kids store (an online kids store). Chinyere is also the author of The Trailblazers yearly planner, Got Goals, and My Preggo Affirmations.


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