Chukwubuikem Modestus Anunwa

Position: Publicity and media strategist at TEDxIkenegbu
Phone: 08162231400
Membership: Executive
Profession: Media consultant
Skills: Strategy, media marketing, communication expert, community leadership
Location: Nigeria

Chukwubuikem Modestus Anunwa (Mr. Engage) is the creative lead at LUSO KRAFT; a fast rising photography and branding firm that leverages technology and social media to provide cutting-edge solutions to corporate and personal branding.

As a young tech enthusiast, Chukwubuikem is passionate about learning, social dynamics and data exchange. He believes in employing social media to provide direction and solutions in the branding industry. He is also an editor and freelance copy writer. Mr. Engage as he’s popularly called has been in the social media and technology space for half a decade and has made remarkable impact in these years.

In 2017, he was part of the organizers for the first “Owerri Facebook Hangout” –a meet and greet event that sought to encourage connections and expand networking opportunities beyond Facebook.

In 2018, he was nominated as a facilitator for “Future Discussions”, an online platform that provides forum for enthusiasts to harness ideas on leadership and personal capacity development.

In 2020, he was nominated into the board of directors/consultors for “Arcnet Technology” –builders of “MeLearner”, an online study platform with over twenty trainees and a vision to bridge the gap between formal and informal education through provision of access to learning methods/modules and libraries that amplifies individual skills and preferences.


In 2021, he was nominated into the editorial board for the first edition of the prestigious ‘Magazine of the Future’; an annual publication of Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFDs). Chukwubuikem Anunwa is a philosopher with certifications from the prestigious Pontifical Urban University Rome and Imo State University Owerri.

He earned the moniker Mr. Engage for his relentless work as social media manager within the Owerri Volunteers’ community. Since 2021, he has been an active volunteer for major brands/events such as TEDxIKENEGBU, SMFEST Owerri and Mbano Youth Summit. In 2022, he received the award for the Best Community Volunteer in Content and Social Media. Currently, he is the communications head and social media manager for the JPI Imo State Chapter.


Mr. Modestus Anunwa is an indigene of Umuokiri Umunumo in Ehime Mbano LGA. He is Passionate about youth development, personal capacity building and leadership.


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