David Obinna

Position: Executive Director: Ignatious Edu-Consult
Phone: 07031912964
Membership: Executive
Skills: Transformational Public Speaking, Corporate Training/HR Development, Microsoft Office Suite & Fast Typing, Creative Writing, Internet Communications/Research
Profession: Performance Development Trainer
Location: Nigeria

David Obinna is a dedicated educator, author, and trainer with a profound commitment to peak performance and personal development.

Specializing in facilitating both personal and professional growth, he serves as the Executive Director of Ignatious Edu-Consult, a leading edu-tech company in Africa renowned for its swift and secure electronic enrollment/payment services for high and tertiary school students and stakeholders.

Certified as an Educational Manager by Discipline, David Obinna leverages his expertise as a Performance Development Trainer to guide institutions and students in achieving remarkable improvements—often doubling or surpassing previous levels of success in both business and academics. In addition to his impactful contributions to education, David Obinna is an accomplished author, having penned the influential book and online course titled “Academic Success Blueprint: Students Guide to the Top, The Learners Way, Smart Learning, and Education For Real-world Success.”


Through these resources and his engaging seminars and mentorship programs, he has played a transformative role in enhancing the performance of over 1,800 Nigerian students and startup entrepreneurs across the nation.

Furthermore, David Obinna is the visionary Founder of the thriving online community on Facebook, known as the Smart Learners & Entrepreneurs Network (SLEN). Currently residing in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, David Obinna continues to make significant strides in the field of education and personal development.


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