Deborah Browndane Ugomma Uke

Position: Vice President JPI Anambra State. And CEO; Dentoglam Mobile Dental Clinic
Phone: 08065759434
Membership: Executive
Profession: Dental Therapist, Dental Advocate, Entrepreneurial Enthusiast
Skills: Certified Business Strategist, Voice-over Artist, Certified Leadership Coach, Entrepreneurial Enthusiast
Location: Nigeria

Deborah Browndane Ugomma Uke, is a resilient young lady who hails from Ikwuano in Abia State, Nigeria. A skilled Dental Therapist with over 10 years of experience in the dental field. She is the founder of Dentoglam Mobile Dental Clinic, and a global advocate of dental health. She has impacted lives both locally and internationally through her work; advocating for teeth Lives and rendering dental treatments both in rural and urban areas.

Deborah has organized countless free dental outreaches for the less privileged and the privileged in different localities. Her work has been recognized in different states in Nigeria and awarded internationally.


She’s an Entrepreneurial enthusiast who delights in helping other dental clinics/brands to grow in patient inflow and cash flow. Worked with several dental establishments ranging from private, federal to government hospitals, collaborated with diverse dental brands to render dental treatments to patients across the states and carries out oral health education in schools, prisons, civil office and military zones.

Deborah is an ardent believer that TEETH LIVES MATTERS. And every tooth deserves a chance to live, strong, healthy and clean.


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