Deborah O. Remmy

Position: CEO, Brillar and Red Realty Limited
Phone: 09082194749
Membership: Executive
Profession: Real estate consultant
Skills: Sales, marketing, negotiating, team management
Location: Nigeria

Deborah Remmy is a driven, exceptional and certified real estate consultant dedicated to assisting property investors in generating passive income and boosting their wealth through real estate ventures. She possesses extensive expertise in the Nigerian real estate sector and maintains strong established alliances with leading real estate companies and developers.

She is the CEO of Brillar and Red Realty Limited. A real estate brokerage company that’s focused on residential and commercial real estate, property leasing and facility management.

Starting her journey in real estate at a younger age, Deborah has built her career by leveraging a combination of market insight and a strong work ethic. She has successfully served numerous clients, from residential developments to commercial ventures, consistently delivering outstanding results. She understands that real estate is not just about properties; it’s about creating communities and spaces that enhance the lives of residents and businesses.


In addition to her impressive real estate portfolio, Deborah Remmy is committed to giving back to the community by actively participating in initiatives that promote affordable housing, urban development, land banking, and sustainable development. She’s also keen on educating young individuals about the importance of investing in the Nigerian real estate market and showing them how they can get involved.


With a vision for the future and a track record of success, Deborah Remmy continues to be a driving force in the real estate industry, inspiring others to dream big and invest wisely.


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