Dr.Lynn Ujiagbe

Position: CEO The Learnzone Foundation
Phone: 08108542288
Membership: Executive
Profession: Inspirational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Author
Skills: Inspirational Public Speaking, Human Resource Management, Research, Strategic management
Location: Nigeria

Dr. Lynn UJIAGBE is  an Author, Inspirational Coach, Public speaker, the Founder of The Learnzone Leadership Network and The Learnzone Foundation.


She has Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education, a Master’s Degree in Educational Management, a Doctoral degree in Leadership and Policy,  a Diploma in Human Resource Management among others. She is also a Certified Human Resource  Consultant and a leadership enthusiast, a Fellow in Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance USA, Nigeria chapter, a Fellow, Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, a Fellow Independent Perception and Research Hub. She is a board member of Hicon Marine Services and a non executive board member of Living Architecture Limited. She is also on the Board of Trustees, Education Champions League Nigeria.


She is a recipient of several international and national awards –  Scientific Researchers Award 2024 by Association of Scientific Researchers Professionals of Nigeria, Distinguished Leadership Award 2023 by Association of Leadership and Policy Professionals 2023, Most Inspirational Influencer of the Year 2022 in Education Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development,  award by Independent Perception and Research Hub, Human Rights Awards 2020 and 2021 by International Human Rights Defenders Foundation, Certificate of commitment by World book of Records United Kingdom, Award of Honor and Certificate of Achievement by 5th SKEDUX International Conference 2021, Certificate of Commendation, World Literacy Forum for Peace and Human Rights, World Humanitarian Award by  International Human Rights Defenders Foundation,  Certificate of Recognition by Association Doza Srekja, Macedonia, Excellence in Education issued by Edukos Unite of Scholars and Cosmos International Research University, Leadership and Governance Awards by Chartered Institute of Leadership  and Governance, among others, She has also being honored with a Honorary Doctorate in Social Work by Theophany University, Haiti and has been a country representive at the United Nations 75th global conversion talk series.

Apart from being the founder of The Learnzone Foundation and the principal driver of the Readers are Leaders Campaign as well as The the Girl Power Hour Project in Nigeria. She is also an international board member of Educacio World, Women Wing President of International Human Rights Defenders Foundation,  member of International Peace Corps,  member of the Global Trainers Academy,  Country Coordinator,  World Voice International, The state coordinator for Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance USA,  Nigeria Chapter and member of a few more international organizations. She has been featured in several international talk shows, blogs and magazines.


She is committed to mentoring young champions to create value and attract opportunities.  She is an unrepentant optimist who believes that anything is possible for those who believe in themselves and intentionally focus to succeed. She strives to learn, unlearn and relearn and believes that learning is a continuous process so she keeps educating herself and is persistent in her self improvement journey.

The Priority and life purpose for her, is to add value to others and to promote positivity within her sphere. Her books- “28 Traits of an All-round Optimist” and “The Goal-digger mentality “showcase her believe in promoting positivity and planning as a means to achieve  well being. She has given over 95 talks both in virtual and physical events for globally aligned organizations and institutions.


As an advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, she is active for social causes and uses her professional background to promote the achievement of the SDGs using The Learnzone Foundation as a platform,  she has been involved in free distribution of books and educational supplies in rural and low income areas and also given free trainings and empowered young people in skills acquisition schemes and mentoring sessions. Her lifetime  commitment is to deliver value through her articles, her books, teaching, coaching, mentoring and a positive life style.


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