Ehirinne Ngozika Phil

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 08066883006
Membership: Executive
Profession: Dental therapist
Skills: Public Speaking
Location: Nigeria

I’m a licensed practicing Dental therapist. I have a HND in Dental therapy and other academics certifications in view.
As a young practicing Dental therapist, I’m so passionate about oral health care awareness which lead to my Setting up my first award winning Dental clinic (zikas Dental studio)in the heart of Enugu state Nigeria and numerous staff strength and providing solution to unemployment in the state. Thus clinic have also become a trill blazer for other young and upcoming Dental therapists in finding there part way in this noble profession.

I’m also passionate in reaching out to the grassroot level by volunteering in various medical mission such as;

1. Association of Nigerian physician in the Americas
2. Eko club International
3. Eko club Atalanta
4.mercy say No
And several bodies just to mention a few

To give free Dental care to the improvised communities. And also hoping to collaborate with global bodies such as united nations, federal government bodies etc. ,to reach out to more African communities that have no Access to Dental health care in the nearest future and on this note I’m working on launching my latest firm ” zikas consultancy and medical Event planning services ” where I and my team will have the platform to sell this idea to corporate bodies that will be willing to sponsor this vision to reach out to underdeveloped communities for the betterment of medical and dental care of the society.


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