Eneh Mercy

Position: President, JPI Akwa Ibom State Chapter
Phone: 08068183761
Membership: Executive
Profession: Product Design
Skills: Product Design
Location: Nigeria

I’m Eneh Mercy, a Product designer and Social Entrepreneur My expertise lies in developing user-centric design strategies that foster business growth, enhance product value, improve client satisfaction, promote innovation.

I love understanding how people use products and making user-friendly interfaces that are a breeze to navigate. I’m also super passionate about empowering women. That’s why I founded The Female Media Network (Tefem Network), an NGO that’s on a mission to empower one billion women across Africa in the tech and digital media space. As a Design Mentor at Crealllo, I get to help new designers find their groove in the industry. You can also find me in various social impact and community development groups like Tedx Ikegnebu, Bedrock community, Owerri business week, Smfest, Google developers group, Friends of Figma, and Women in tech. I’m all about making a positive impact!

My hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed, as I’ve received awards from different organizations, including JPI, for my contributions to women’s community development. On October 3, 2022, I celebrated four years of dedicated service as the CEO of Tefem network, leading a team of 15 creatives since 2018. Under my leadership, Tefem has achieved substantial growth, boasting 1500 community members both online and offline, 3500 social media followers, 1000 active emails, 100 talents placed, 4200 direct beneficiaries, and 100 volunteers. I’m also deeply connected to my community.

I’ve spoken and volunteered at over 80 community development organizations across Nigeria, and I’ve visited 8 Nigerian states to teach and empower communities. My designs have consistently adhered to industry standards, providing exceptional value to clients. I’m all about making a difference, whether it’s through products or people.


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