Position: MD & Co-Founder, Ebic Farms Ltd & Ebic Estate Ltd
Membership: Executive
Profession: Global Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, Nonprofit Consultant, Realtor, Ghostwriter, Organic Farmer, Master of Ceremony.
Skills: Strategy, Public Speaking, Sales, Execution, Ghostwriting, Agriculture, Real Estate.
Location: Nigeria

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Ethelbert Obinna Umeh is a Certified Global Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, Nonprofit consultant, Realtor, Ghostwriter ( he write Speeches, Books, Articles, Website Contents, CVs, Cover letters, Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, Company Profile, Business Plans, Proposals, Training manuals, Biographies etc), Master of Ceremony and a sustainable Organic farmer of Plantain, Banana and oil Palm.


He is a Co-founder and Managing Director of Ebic Estate Ltd and Ebic Farms Ltd – an organic agricultural Company, based in Nigeria, incorporated in 2021 to: • BOOST Sustainable Food Security in Africa through converting fallow ARABLE lands to bread and butter. • Eradicate POVERTY and HUNGER. • Connect, network and Activate YOUTH participation in agricultural revolution and • Inspire rural farming. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Future Map Magazine, a global Youth Development Magazine based in Abuja. Ethelbert is a published author of 4 books namely: • The Audacity of Giving, • How to Cope When A Beloved Suddenly Dies, • How To Find, Attract, And Keep Your Beloved and • Creating Your Path Through Leadership (Co-Author) -available In Amazon. Ethelbert is an alumnus of the following Prestigious Global Citadels of learning; University of Oxford, University of Pretoria- South Africa, Pontifical Urban University Rome- Italy, BAU Executive Education- Nigeria, University of Ibadan- Nigeria, Richmond Open University- Nigeria, International Institute for Global Leadership, USA.


As a Professional Ghostwriter, he has 13 years writing experience with Upwork- world’s largest talent marketplace for freelancers and agencies, where he has successfully completed over 200 projects and have served over 100 and returning clients from over 20 countries. Within this space of 13 years, he has written over 5,000 cutting edge articles in the fields of Real Estate, Leadership Development, Motivation, Business, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Agriculture, and Self-help and have presented over 200 speeches in Youth development conferences, seminars, symposia and Board Meetings. His myriads of trainings and chains of Certifications cut across Philosophy, Mass Communication, Global Leadership, Human Capital Development, Fundraising, Project Management, Business Development, Organic Farming, Sustainability, Customer Service, Leadership and Management, to mention but a few.

Ethelbert speaks English and French, and have a smattering knowledge of Latin.


He is a Board President emeritus of, International Institute for Global Leadership, IIGL USA- a US-based social impact nonprofit organization that inspires, train, raise and equip heart-centered leaders around the world. He was the 8th President of IIGL, the 5th from Africa and the 2nd from Nigeria. Currently, IIGL have 150+ active students and alumni network from 30 countries, cutting across six continents. Currently, he serve and volunteer as the Eastern Nigerian Coordinator of, Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability (NELIS JAPAN)- a global nonprofit organization that connects, inspire, and empower next generation of sustainable leaders around the world, gladly building one world in harmony.

NELIS is in over 50 countries, active in six continents. In 2020, together with other selected Youth leaders from Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and Liberia, he co-founded One Million Leaders Africa- a Pan-African Project of NELIS, whose primary mission is to combine offsite and online training content to reach, train and empower more than one million young African leaders who are passionate about Sustainability (action-oriented literacy on key social and environmental challenges), Social Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship by the year 2030.

Now, OMLA is active in all the 54 African Countries, and in 2020 and 2021, OMLA worked with 500 Young Leaders from Africa to develop her Programs and trained over 30 Young people in Social and Business Entrepreneurship.

OMLA supported over 3000 people in 5 African Countries during Covid-19 Pandemic crisis by providing relief materials in their communities and now, has an intensive Fellowship Program, a medium OMLA is using to train Young People from Africa in Sustainable Leadership. The activities of OMLA 2021, 2022 and 2023 fellows are wonderful testament of what we do with OMLA in Africa and around the world. Ethelbert is an African Changemakers Fellow, selected in 2019, and Jamie Pajoel International Global Ambassador, selected in 2023.


Currently, he serve as Imo State Coordinator of Safer Internet Day, plus a volunteer to other reputable nonprofit organizations including: * International Centre for Leadership Development, Lagos- Nigeria. *4Revs Africa- Lagos, Nigeria * Rural Women Foundation- Abuja. * Rejuvenators Initiative- Abuja. *Serenita Foundation- Rome- Italy, *AYICRIP- NELIS Football Academy- Lagos, to mention but a few.


Ethelbert is deeply passionate in delivering exceptional results in schools, churches and organizations, working with thousands of people in the areas of strategic innovation, team building, nonprofits, leadership coaching, team creation and retention services, growing their leadership capital and harnessing potentials effectively.

He inspire people to grow personally and professionally, scale, and manage their profits and nonprofit organizations to peak performance. His strongest mission in life is to raise and equip young leaders who can think differently, sustainably and globally, thereby inspiring their communities to challenge the status quo, learn collaboratively and build a better future. That’s simply the sum total of the work he does.

He is passionate about creating exceptional change in the world. He is committed to leave the world better than he met it.


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