Glory Edet Oyong

Position: Co Founder, Nightsun Digital Production Agency
Phone: 07040859874
Membership: Executive
Profession: Health Educator, Cosmetologist
Skills: Decision making, Trainings, Reporting, Marketing/Sales.
Location: Nigeria

Glory Oyong is a budding Tech enthusiast, dedicated Volunteer, Baker, Cosmetologist, Pharmacist with the passion for writing and the heart of creating social impact. She studied Human Kinetic and Health Education at the University of Uyo, AKS. She Co-founded “Nightsun digital production Agency” A Community that sort to bring together Innovative and Entrepreneurial young leaders from different fields with the objective of providing solutions that transforms businesses and frameworks for individual to access information on Health, Hygiene, Technology, Epidemiology, food and Agriculture.

She represents future Star Media as a journalist and photographer, currently working as a Secretary at Prefran Group a leading special flour producing company.

They Train, Educate and promote Natural Foods, Supplements and beverages. She dedicated 6 years to Volunteering and advocating for literacy, natural foods, enhancing proper hygienic practices in various settings such as; schools, Rural territories, NYSC orientation camp courtesy of SAED Aks (SSAEDEC), and NGOs.


Her goal is to raise 3000 Amazonian by offering unique skill development programmes that will Foster sustainable success mindset, enabling the youths to become independent and gainfully employed others.


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