Juliet Chiamaka Ike

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Membership: Executive
Profession: Media Communications Executive & Social Entrepreneur
Skills: Brand Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Media Communications, Effective Team Leadership, Project Planning, Programs Coordination, Public Speaking, Social Media Management
Location: Nigeria

Juliet Chiamaka Ike is a PR & Reputation Manager, Talent Development Coach & Manager as well a Brand Strategist and Media Communications Consultant. Her work revolves around Public Relations and Management, Marketing Communications, Programs and Event Coordination for Clients as well Talent Development and Management for Creatives.


In simple terms, Juliet works with Creatives and Brands in put their talents to effective use through Consulting, Training, Teaching, Coaching and Management. She is also referred to as The Media Apostolos; a nomenclature to distinguish her assignment, calling and ministry in the Arts, Media & Entertainment Industry. She interprets her vision as one Called as Light-Bearer and Sent to African Creatives.


Her vision is to see Creatives thrive and live out the potential they have, her mission is to raise territory takers in entertainment by empowering young talents in music, movies and media. As a way of structure and interpret her vision, she champions the Goal 4, 8, 9, 11 & 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and this has been evident in the over 6 years experience garnered through community development, social works, project management, human capacity development, public relations, media/brand communications, digital marketing and advertising.


She has trained, taught and coached hundreds of creatives directly and indirectly impacts thousands more through her community (BEST Africa with over 14,000 Creatives), speaking engagements, social media content etc. She is the Lead Coach at ‘Exceptional Creative Club’ (ECC) and ‘Smart Money Club’ (SMC) where she’s constantly sharing her knowledge to help Creatives build influence, impact and income leveraging on their talents and skills. All of these and more has been nothing short of her many exploits.


As a Certified Sociologist and Criminologist cum Cybersecurity Professional (both in view), her exposure to social and impact-driven solutions has louden her immerse contribution in social works, media, communications, entertainment and community development as a whole. Juliet has taken up and embarked on different and diverse projects that solves social problems (by first researching to consider causes and effects) thereby offering life-long and sustainable solutions to solving them.

She has done these independently with her organizations and dependently by collaborating with other brands with shared goals. Organizations she has worked with includes Energize HQ which Comprises of Energize Central, Energize Music and Energize Radio, That Good Media Limited, Vantage Height Capital, Vantage Studio, Abiola Bonuola Communications (ABCs), Satira Media, Uncut Xtra, Art Culture BMC, KP Magazine amongst several others. Currently, she sits as the Chief Steward of BEST Media with over 6 subsidiaries and MAKA Resource and Enterprises with over 5 subsidiaries.


Juliet has been nominated and won several awards, been recognized both by national and international organizations as a result of her commitments, contributions and incredible work in and across borders. She is definitely the one to follow as a Creative looking to build influence, impact, grow your income and shake notable territories for the Kingdom in the above regard.




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