Justina Anurika Godwin

Position: Executive Creative Director, TineyzSplash Media
Phone: 07066904826
Membership: Executive
Profession: Event and Development Photographer
Skills: Photography, Public Speaking, Human Resource and Execution
Location: Nigeria

Justina Anurika Godwin, a dynamic African woman, challenges stereotypes through her vibrant engagement in visual media. As the CEO of TineyzSplash Media, an Event and Development brand, she shapes narratives by capturing moments and activities, establishing a reputable brand that extends across Nigeria and beyond. Founder/CEO of TineyzSplash Media, Justina specializes in Photography, Videography, Drone Services, and Voiceovers. Her portfolio includes coverage of conferences, trainings, seminars, tours, workshops, NGO/outreach events, and more. Notable collaborations include work with organizations and individual brands such as Jamie Pajoel International, WimBiz, SuperWoman Organization, YALI Rivers and YALI Kebbi State Hub, Emeka Nobis, Joyce Daniels, Kingsley Ime, Jamie Pajoel and The Iconic Brand Awards and more…

In 2016, she founded “GIST with TINA,” an impactful platform for young adults to share experiences, leading to annual hangouts.

She is the Convener of a biannual Conference “TECPlus Conference”,thay fosters learning from experts in the Tech, Entertainment, and Creative industries.


She is also the Convener of The Women Worship Conference. A dedicated advocate, Justina volunteers with organizations such as YALI Network, SuperWoman Organization, and 360 Volunteer Network. Former TV host of “People and Vision” at KBTV, she is an alumna of the Academy for Women Entrepreneur and mentors through an accountability organization. Author of three ebooks and one published “ACCESS”. Justina has received numerous awards. A graduate in Linguistics and Communication from the University of Port Harcourt. Currently running programs on self development and back as a Master of Ceremonies.


She balances her professional life with a passion for watching and analyzing movies, writing, cooking, and playing badminton.


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