Miracle Edet Okon

Position: Creative Director
Phone: 08129362224
Membership: Executive
Profession: Graphic Designer
Skills: Sales
Location: Nigeria

Miracle Edet Okon is an Award Winning Excellent Graphic Designer who specializes in creating stop scrolling visuals and an Esteemed Public Speaker. She help brands and startups cut through the noise and make their voices heard in the online and physical market.

She can turn a blank screen into a captivating experience using the power of graphic design.

Miracle Edet is a Passionate Graphic Design Coach who has successfully trained over 1670 people in the skill of Graphic Design.

She’s the founder of the World Class Graphic Design Academy The Excellent Creatives Academy (TECA) where she trains people successfully in the skill of Graphic Design till they become Professional and start earning Big.

Her approach to Designing is Excellent and she is committed to delivering high-quality designs that exceed client expectations and drive results.

Miracle Edet persists in imprinting her influence on those she encounters, forging a promising tomorrow for future generations with her guidance, proficiency, and steadfast commitment to the Design Industry.


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