Okechukwu Anselem Chukwuemeka

Position: CEO Jamesbeca Konsult and businesses Ltd
Membership: Executive
Profession: Instructor and Valuer
Skills: Strategy, Sales and Foreign languages
Location: Nigeria

Anselem Chukwuemeka Okechukwu is a young German language professional Instructor, Graphic Coach and and Consultant for German countries.

He has through his program Go Global trained many youths in the Rural communities for proper integration in today’s world.

Aside been the CEO  of Jamesbeca Konsult and Businesses Ltd  an organization responsible in training and rendering executive services to partner schools, offices and People on Languages and Graphics design,  Head  of German language  Mekino-LINGUA and Saint Georg international he is also the Early Childhood Education Coordinator/Project monitoring head of Alliance Francaise Owerri the French Embassy Cultural and Language centre in Imo state,  through which he has helped many student to achieve their goal.

Through Consultation has helped over 400 individuals to follow up their family reunion to German speaking countries through language.,  he studied Estate Management and Valuation,  later studied German and currently taking up a course on Français Langue Etrangère

He has strong passion for youthful growth and global business knowledge as a young leader in his field and a proven track record of  dedication and hard work. He is committed to excelling  and has made a positive impact in his field within the last few years.

In all verifiable approach , he has demonstrated leadership abilities, strong communication skills
He is…..
Okechukwu Anselem Chukwuemeka
Ece/Project cord Alliance Francaise Owerri/
CEO Jamesbeca Konsult and Businesses ltd


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