Olayinka Titilola Olawale

Position: Regional Sales Manager
Membership: Executive
skills: Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Profession: Sales and Marketing
Location: Nigeria

Olayinka Olawale is an accomplished sales and marketing leader with years of experience driving business growth in the agribusiness industry.

As Regional Sales Manager at Hybrid Feeds Ltd, one of the top livestock nutrition producers in Nigeria, Olayinka leads high-performance teams to create innovative solutions that expand market presence and drive profitability.

Under his leadership, Olayinka delivered a 50% sales increase and grew market share through the establishment of key accounts and strategic partnerships. This outstanding achievement earned him recognition as the 2020 Sales Manager of the Year.

Passionate about youth empowerment and sustainable development, Olayinka founded a sales investment platform to create sustainable business start-ups and employment opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

He also co-founded Mama G.F Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on community growth and development.

Armed with a Master’s in Animal Science and Bachelor’s in Animal Production and Health, Olayinka leverages his multidisciplinary expertise in driving organizational growth and innovation. As a recipient of the International Youth Leader award from the prestigious Jamie Pajoel International, he is committed to building sustainable businesses and communities across Africa.

Olayinka is a results-oriented, solutions-focused leader continuously seeking new avenues to drive impact and positive change in the agribusiness space and beyond.


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