Osuji Favour Chinonso

Membership: Executive
Profession: Wordsmith, Mind Leadership Catalyst
Skills: Critical thinking, Effective Communication, Conflict resolution, Sales and Marketing, Creative Writing and Leadership

Osuji Favour Chinonso is a Wordsmith and a Mind Leadership Catalyst. As a Wordsmith, she skillfully crafts words that resonate deeply and sentences that create vivid images onto the canvas of the mind. She uses language to connect, uplift, and spark imagination. Whether writing or speaking, her goal is to leave a lasting impact that creates PEACE and FAITH.


As a Mind Leadership Catalyst, she empowers young adults to recognize and challenge harmful thought patterns, develop a growth mindset and Ignite flames for purpose fulfilment.


As the CEO of Young Minds Arise Africa (YOMAA), her vision is to empower and inspire young adults, equipping them with a resilient mindset to overcome obstacles, break boundaries, and build futures. Through comprehensive self-growth programs, courses, seminars, and conferences, she aims to unlock their latent potential, ignite the flames of purpose within, and actualize their wildest dreams into tangible possibilities, thereby creating a generation of unstoppable trailblazers in Africa and beyond.


In over 2 years, as a certified creative writer, she has trained over 600 people from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Swaziland, South Africa and Cameroon on the Basics of Creative Writing and English Grammar via her one month training known as, “UPSKILL TO MASTERY BOOTCAMP”.

In June 19th, 2022, she successfully organized her first event titled, “The Influence”, which attracted a crowd of over 120 individuals in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. And the aim of the event was to change the perfective of young adults to see beyond the realities of today.

She finds fulfilment in building young adults, so she has held countless self growth online events like: Build Up Boldness, The Impact Conference, Strategy Capacity Session W/Favour Chinonso, End Procrastination and Skillful & More.


She is the author of 3 books. They are:

Discover The Facebook Secret On How To Setup a High Quality Profile

Ignite Your Poetic Creativity

Beyond the Screen: 15 First Class Strategies for Unforgettable Live Videos. .


In 3 years of her intentionality to build young adults, she has been recognized and awarded by brands in Africa and beyond. Some of which are:

She was awarded by the Change Makers and Writers Academy (CMaWA) as the MOST INFLUENTIAL SUPPORTIVE OF THE YEAR, 2021.

She was awarded the Young Significant Personality of the Year, 2022 by The Change Makers and Writers Academy.

She was also given an Impact Award by Comforting Words Writers Academy in 2022.

She became the Mitia Brand Representative of Nigeria in 2022.

She became the Rivers State Deputy Coordinator of Francis Chinedum Foundation in 2022.

She was awarded the YOUNG PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR, 2022 by The Springgates Grammar School. I was also awarded THE EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR, 2022.

On International Day, March 8th, 2023, she was recognized by Ms. Cynthia Iwuzie as the Top 100 Most Inspiring Female Brands in Nigeria; she was recognized by iBoost Personality Int’l as the 100 Under-30 Digitally-Skilled Women To Reckon With; she was recognized by Best Africa as the 100 Most Inspiring and Entreprising African Women and to mention as few recognitions and mentions in posts.

On International Youth Day, 2023, she was recognized by BEST AFRICA as one of the 100 Most Inspiring Youths and Creative Impacting and Transforming Lives in Arts, Media and Entertainment Industry.

She was awarded the SHE LEADS GLOBAL, 2023 by Miss Precious Chinweoni .

She was awarded the OUSTANDING CONTENT WRITER OF THE YEAR, 2023 by MiCreativeWell Global.

She was awarded THE BEST YOUTH DEVELOPER by Lee Innovative Concept.

She was given the GLOBAL GROWTH AWARD OF HONOUR by MK Foundation in 2022.

She was given the YOUNG LEADERS AND INNOVATORS AWARD at Jamie Pajoel International Youth Leadership Conference, Port Harcourt by Jamie Pajoel University in 2024.

She unapologetically believes in the bright future of every young adult. And her popular slogan is, “Keep becoming, until you become”.


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