Oyoma Ojadonor

Position: Chairman, Legacy Africa.
Phone: 07062730493
Membership: Executive
Profession: Administrator and Entrepreneur
Skills: Critical Thinking and Strategy, Administration and Execution, Time Management.
Location: Nigeria

Oyoma Ojadonor is a Visionary leader, Pan African, Patriotic Nigerian and an African Young Entrepreneur who has impacted many lives positively through his seminars, teachings, coaching and social investments both physically and through the web.


Oyoma is a deep and critical thinker, a strategist per excellence, an administrator, executor and avid reader. Due to his passion for knowledge, learning and development, he has studied and acquire over 10 specialized Certifications on Leadership, Governance, Business and Entrepreneurship from reputable institutions of learning around the globe; (Including, Nigeria, Ireland and Canada).

He has met, trained and mentored many students and professionals in various fields of endeavors on Salesmanship, Entrepreneurship Development, Business and Leadership development both in Africa and beyond.

He has worked with various industry experts, entrepreneurs and creative(s) across Africa and setup, grow and scale their different businesses and He has also been invited by the Canadian institute of Leadership and Development.


Oyoma is a diehard advocate of good governance and leadership , he has been invited as a speaker and delegate by many local and international communities in Nigeria, Rwanda, Canada, New York City, Germany and has also been a nominee and recipients of numerous awards across these communities. He is a former International Marketer, CELEBISLAND, UK. Former President of the Forestry and Wildlife Student Association – FOWISA, University of Benin Chapter, NG. Former General Coordinator, Deeper Life Campus Fellowship, University of Benin, NG.


He is the Chairman of Legacy Africa and Convener, MAGA Leadership Conference. Executive Administrator, Xrislid Africa (University) Think-tank, Presidency, Niger Delta Student Union Government (NIDSUG) worldwide. Governor, Executive Council, Ignite StartupX – Africa Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development. Member, Africa’s Young Entrepreneur’s Organisation ,South Africa. Member, Board of Executives, Creative Hands Innovations and Initiative, Edo State Chapter, NG. Director of Strategic Partnerships, Jamie Pajoel International, Edo state. Executive Member and Awardee, 100 Young Leaders and Innovators Award, Jamie Pajoel University, Canada.


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