Precious Oriji

Position: Co-founder, Create4Buzz
Phone: 08081850326
Membership: Executive
Profession: Marketing Strategist
Skills: Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Copywriting, Public speaking
Location: Nigeria

Precious Oriji is the Co-founder of Create4 Buzz, a community for Creatives in the marketing and communications industry. She is most renowned for her expertise in sales psychology as she has charted a fine path in the business world as a top Sales and Marketing Expert.


She works as a Copywriter and Content Strategist. She is also an author and public speaker. She is passionate about building people’s capacities, with a particular focus on giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to take advantage of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in line with SDG Goal 1.


Not just in the title, but with her vast understanding of Sales and Psychology, she has worked for both foreign and top Nigerian brands (e.g. Vitafoam, Land Republic ) as a Copywriter creating successful market campaigns using her special “S²PD system.” She has also trained over 10,000 persons, directly and indirectly (through training, and webinars) on the skills of Copywriting, Sales, and Marketing.


Based on her marketing prowess, she has gotten numerous recognitions and awards like awards like:

The Exceptional Woman in Sales and Marketing, 2023 by TEWA

Influential Female Writer by BWA

Top 100 Exceptional Women in 2023 by TEWA, and many others.


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