Prince Chizorum Samuel

Position: CEO Zorum's Red Carpet Service Company and Creative head @The Prince Zorum Brand/Zorum Events.
Phone: 08134801407
Membership: Executive
Profession: Public Speaking, Executive Diploma in international Diplomacy and Protocol, International Volunteer.
Skills: Corporate Event and Red Carpet host, Event planner, Freelance OAP, Socialite and Serial entrepreneur.
Location: Nigeria

Prince Chizorum Samuel Popularly known as Prince Zorum Chief Executive Officer, Zorum’s Red Carpet Service Company & Creative Head, The Prince Zorum Brand As a multifaceted entrepreneur and event expert, Prince Chizorum Samuel, popularly known as Prince Zorum, excels as the CEO of Zorum’s Red Carpet Service Company and Creative Head of The Prince Zorum Brand. With a diverse portfolio, he successfully hosts corporate events and red carpet affairs, plans bespoke events, and freelances as an OAP (On-Air Personality).


His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to establish multiple ventures, earning him the title of Serial Entrepreneur and Socialite. Education & Certifications – Executive Diploma in International Diplomacy and Protocol, LPMV Certification Program – Certification of International Volunteering Training, LPMV sponsored by the Young Foundation Line for Social Development (YFSD) Expertise: – Corporate Event Hosting & Planning – Red Carpet Events & Management – Event Planning & Execution – On-Air Personality (Freelance) – Serial Entrepreneurship – Socialite & Networking With his charisma and exceptional hosting skills, Prince Zorum has become a household name in the events industry, known for his impeccable style, grace, and ability to bring events to life.

His dedication to excellence and passion for innovation continue to drive his success.


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