Rhoda Oddiri

Position: The Exceptional teacher
Phone: 08173587274
Membership: Executive
Profession: Educator
Skills: Teaching, Public speaking, Voice actor, Event Host
Location: Nigeria

Rhoda Oddiri fondly called Rhodability is a certified diplomat, A trained and a transformational teacher, a TedX trained speaker, a content creator, an inspirational/creative writer, a keen personal development coach, a godly relationship advocate, a spoken word performer, an author and more. As a multipotentialite, she wears so many hats that fits beautifully.

She is the convener of a leading platform for young individuals- “Invigorated for productivity” where she inspires youths to live their best lives daily. She is committed to dispensing value to young adults and passionate about seeing young adults rising from mediocrity to stardom. Her mission is to inspire young adults lead a happy life with a sense of purpose and clarity so that they can achieve maximum productivity anywhere they find themselves. She is big on impact and influence. She is mission driven, value driven and contribution driven. She believes no man is a nuisance as everyone is God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. Above all, she’s sold out to God and His service.


Conclusively, Continuous leaning, skill acquisition and strategic networking gives her so much pleasure. Hence she’s open to profitable networking, collaborations and speaking engagements centred around personal development/human capacity development, Education.


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