Tchoungong Nana Lynn Rodiane

Position: Founder, LinkedIn Accelerator Program
Membership: Executive
Profession: Personal Brand Consultant and LinkedIn Coach
Skills: Personal Branding, LinkedIn Optimization, Marketing, Executive Coaching, Content writing, Influential leadership
Location: Cameroon

Nana Lynn is a LinkedIn Optimization Coach and Personal Brand Consultant, having trained more than 1000 individuals in optimizing their profiles and grow for maximum visibility on LinkedIn.

As a committed coach, she helps individuals and businesses achieve a professional and impactful online presence. What really inspired her to start her coaching journey and founding the LinkedIn Accelerator Program was the recognition of a significant problem in the professional world: the gap between traditional education and the real-world skills needed for success. She observed that many individuals struggled to navigate the complexities of the job market, build their personal brands, and effectively network.

The problem she aimed to solve was the lack of accessible, practical, and hands-on guidance in using LinkedIn as a powerful tool for career development. By creating the LinkedIn Accelerator Program, she sought to bridge this gap, offering a structured curriculum that empowers individuals to harness the full potential of LinkedIn. The program addresses issues such as job search, personal branding, networking, and professional development, with the goal of helping participants stand out in today’s competitive professional world.


Nana Lynn was born in Douala and comes from the West Region of Cameroon precisely from the Bamileke Tribe. She is God’s representative on earth, live by his principles and she is a Christian. Education-wise, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Buea and a Master’s Degree in Agro-Food Process Engineering from the University of Ngaoundéré.


Lynn is a Young Leader and an African with a Solution, she has developed a deep passion for leadership which rose from the desire to make a positive impact, lead change, help others succeed, solve problems and continuously grow as person. She was selected for the Okwelians Fellowship for Young Cameroonian Leaders and she is currently a member of the Okwelians, an organization whose mission is to build a community of ethical and responsible leaders committed to promote social innovation through leadership. One of her personal slogan is “Don’t settle for average, you are born to do things excellently and keep being the best version of yourself”.


Lynn is one passionate smart young lady that desires to see an influential Africa through the principles of the kingdom, wealth, and purpose. She will devote her time, energy, knowledge and network to see that dream come true.


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