Victoria Adano Dama

Position: Director, Leadway Branding Academy
Phone: 07062641488
Membership: Executive
Profession: Branding Expert
Skills: Personal and Business Branding, Public Speaking, Sales Mastery, Social Media Marketing
Location: Nigeria

Victoria Adano Dama is a multiple-award-winning TEDx speaker, personal and business branding expert, and consultant at NEW BRAND CONSULTANCY. She is also an author who has significantly impacted the lives of thousands of people across the globe.

With 4 years of experience in branding, Victoria has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which she uses to help her clients achieve their personal and professional brand goals. She is the author of two influential books, “The Personal Branding Blueprint” and Goldmine in Coaching Business”. These books aim to guide individuals and business owners in building their online brands and monetizing their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

As the director of Leadway Branding Academy, Victoria has established an online branding school that has empowered over 1000 individuals, business owners, and career professionals, helping them to identify their strengths, differentiate themselves, and communicate their brand message effectively.


Victoria is the convener of the “LEVEL UP YOUR BRAND CONFERENCE,” a yearly virtual gathering geared towards helping individuals, business owners, and career professionals scale up their brands in this digital era.


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