Victory Nnamani

Position: Executive Director at Kainos Pencrafts
Membership: Executive
Profession: Book editor and Innovation strategist.
Skills: Writing, Book editing, storytelling, public speaking, personal and business brand strategy
Location: Nigeria

Victory Nnamani is a multifaceted professional, blending the roles of an author, writing consultant, book editor, creative coach, and certified medical personnel. She is the guiding force behind Kainos Pencrafts, a writing agency committed to nurturing writers and enabling aspiring authors to bring forth exceptional books that leave a mark and generate success.

Victory has been instrumental in honing the skills of several writers, as well as aiding different authors in the publication of outstanding works through her coaching and book editing expertise. She’s the visionary founder of the Effective Writers Innovative Community, an online community where writers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals congregate to elevate their creative abilities for impact, brand advancement, and profitability.

She is also the convener of the Innovators Conference, an annual event conceived from her deep-seated desire to empower the younger and middle-aged generations to harness their boundless potential and leverage their innovative prowess to influence the world positively.

In her pursuit of literary excellence and creative empowerment, Victory’s journey continues to be an inspiring narrative.


With her guidance, writers, creatives, and professionals can unleash their creative potential, leave their mark, and contribute to a brighter and more innovative world.


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