Zakari Isiaka Osheku

Position: Founder: PHC Initiative Africa
Membership: Executive
Profession: Public Health Consultant, Medical Microbiologist, Health Economist, Educator, Business and Management Specialist and a Lifelong Learner
Skills: Strategy, Public Speaking, Leadership
Location: Nigeria

Zakari Isiaka Osheku is a remarkable young leader and innovator, dedicated to revolutionizing the field of public health.


As the Founder and Executive Director of PHC Initiative Africa, he is passionately committed to fortifying health care systems from their core. With over a decade of experience spanning private and non-profit sectors, he has tirelessly worked to enhance government efficacy in distributing healthcare resources to underserved regions with dire health statistics.


Zakari’s main mission centers on strengthening primary health care, a cornerstone for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). His advocacy and hands-on involvement in the Nigerian health care landscape have earned him the title of “Voice of Primary Health Care in Nigeria and Africa.” As an Entrepreneur, Medical Microbiologist, Health Economist, and Public Health Consultant and Educator’

Zakari has founded the Digital Innovation School of Health, a premier e-learning platform providing healthcare professionals with soft skills and technical know-how.

In March 2024, he empowered 150 healthcare professionals across Africa on public health principles, strategic community engagement, and project management through the inaugural Community Health Champions Fellowship program.


Zakari’s vision extends to creating the largest network of Primary Health Care Advocates across Africa. Together, they work relentlessly to bridge the gaps in health care access and amplify the challenges and successes of primary health care centers. Acknowledged for his expertise and unwavering commitment, Zakari joined Refined and Refreshed Inc., a US-based non-profit organization in Illinois, as a board member in January 2023. The organization’s focus is on breaking the cycle of poverty across generations. Through his impactful efforts, he has reached over 2,000 individuals through free medical outreaches.


In January 2023, the Ososo Alive Mega Outreach provided over 400 rural elderly individuals with free consultations, antihypertensives, antimicrobials, and invaluable health education. In 2020, he equipped 625 frontline health workers with vital training on infection prevention and control for COVID-19, mitigating panic among health care professionals and saving lives. His achievements led to recognition from the World Health Organization, featuring his work as a case study in an OpenWHO online exhibition in July 2023.


Zakari’s ultimate happiness is found in his marriage to Husna, and their blessings include two sets of boys and girls. His life philosophy is rooted in the belief that if he’s not actively working to solve the world’s myriad problems, he is inadvertently contributing to them. This philosophy is the driving force behind his dedication to making a positive impact on the world.


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