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Be The Change You Want To See – Purpose Is The Solution.


It was around late afternoon, this fateful day! I can’t really remember the day of the week it was, but I was at a salon close to my house, doing my hair.

Seated on a bench very close to me were 2 young men. One happened to be the younger brother to the lady making my hair, and the other young man was a married man, with 3 kids, who owned the POS shop just beside the salon.

We were all sitting down together, and then the married young man broke the silence. He started talking about Nigeria, the political system of Nigeria and how Nigeria is a mess already.

I sat there, and watched him talk, but all that was in my mind were questions, “What really is the solution to the problem of our country? How can we help fix the mess that has been created already? Why is all these happening?”

And suddenly, an answer came!

You see, the problem of Nigeria is not our President. Did I shock you? Yes! That’s the truth.

Your economy is not suffering because of your President.

The problem of Nigeria and every other country who is in a mess right now is the refusal of the citizens in those countries to Discover their purposes, run with it, and start solving problems – The root of the problem of ever country is the refusal of its citizens to lead themselves to the accomplishment of their life’s Purpose.

Oh yes, I tell you without any reasonable doubt that Purpose is the solution.

Dear Youngster,

The earlier you know this, and accept it, the earlier this popular song, ‘We are the leaders of tomorrow become your reality’.

Infact, you would come to realize that we are not just the Leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders ‘Now’! And every action step of responsibility we start taking now is what would guarantee the better world we dream of.

The solution to turning the mess in a Nation to a message is each and every one of us finding their places in God’s Dominion mandate – Purpose, and running in that direction.

This is how the world would become a better place, by having men who would fight to find their place in God’s Dominion mandate, and run in that direction.

You might want to ask, “But not all of us can be presidents, so what part do we have to play?” I’ll tell you!

We have 7 spheres of influence. These spheres of influence are systems that govern the world, so you might not be a president, that is the sphere of Politics, but you can make your contributions, through other spheres of influence that aligns with your design.

For example, those called into the mountain of family are raising the standard for godly marriages. Teaching the world God’s standard for Marriage and raising godly children who would be an agent of change to the world and not a nuisance. If we have more godly marriages in the world today, and godly children being raised, the world would be a better place.

This way, the one called into the mountain of Family has contributed by training godly children who will not grow up to become a nuisance to the society, thereby reducing crime rate. It would be rare to see Kidnappers, Bandits, ritualists, fraudsters, and all of these people, because of course, who would raise such children? Everybody would have an idea of what marriage and parenting was designed to look like, because some set of people called to that mountain became an embodiment of God’s standard for marriage & parenting, and made that reality accessible to as many that are willing to enter into it.

What about the mountain of Business & Economy? People called into this mountain receive business ideas and plans, Principles, and instructions from God that would restructure the conditions of economic life in the country. This way, they are playing their part.

The Mountain of Religion! Also, here, people are taught about building a relationship with God, because it takes building a relationship with God to even find a place in his Dominion mandate. So, the people called into this mountain are also contributing to raising anointed  leaders and leaders of character, who would take up leadership positions in every sphere, and can be trusted to lead a people, because they are after God’s will and not their selfish ambitions. So, in raising anointed men, and men of character, this mountain is also playing its part.

And then The Media! After the mountain of Family and the mountain of Religion have succeeded in helping to raise anointed leaders, with godly character, I’ll call them men of valor, it is the duty of the media to help ensure that all the training these leaders received from their homes, and churches are not thrown in the mud. How would they do this? By vetting every content they allow go public, by the word of God.

Go to YouTube now, and you’ll see all sorts of rubbish. How to masturbate, how to get self pleasure, and all sorts of things. And then you’ll see 18 years of training a child in the way of the Lord laid to waste, because of one content he saw online. It is the duty of the media to help preserve what the mountain of family and Religion have worked hard to build. This way too, they are playing their parts.

Then the Educational sector. This sphere also influences the mind of people. It is through this sphere that men receive knowledge, and are enlightened, to walk the walk of Purpose.

As the Phenomenal DDK would always say, “Knowledge is the light you need to upgrade your inbuilt camera, to take a better picture of your future.”

Getting knowledge gives us the opportunity to see better, so we can do better, hence, the system of education is such a big deal.

Knowledge they say is wealth and power, so this sphere is the empowerment sphere. It empowers men and becomes an advantage to men, enabling men to know better, and see better, so they can make their various contributions effortlessly.

It was Dr. Jamie Pajoel who said this, “How can Children have Vision, when you taught them that the letter ‘I’ is for Ice cream, instead of Innovation.”

If we have Visionary educators, it would help us raise visionary children, and help youngsters catch great Visions on time. Hence, they are making their contribution to make the world better.

The Arts and Entertainment is the creativity and celebration sphere. This is where young people are normally found. They come here to look for models, they come here to copy trends, they come here to copy lifestyles. Everything they see here is what they regard as Success, and so they begin to take that path. This is the sphere that defines Success to young people.

What do you think would happen to our Youth, if every time they come to the Mountain of Arts and Entertainment, as usual, to pick a role model, copy a lifestyle, copy a trend, learn Success, they see people who are creative, and being celebrated as successful in perfect alignment with God & Purpose?

Of course, we won’t have to worry about the clothes our children wear, the lifestyle they copy, the trend they copy, and even their method of pursuing Success, because we’ll be sure they have godly & Visionary role models. Models they can boldly claim they follow as they follow Christ. These people make it easy for youngsters to pursue Success from God’s Lens, and not based on the way the world pursues Success. In doing this, they are helping the world become a better place.

Then, we can now talk about those in Politics and governance. These people make the law. These people make the decisions. Imagine that a man who knows God’s will for a nation and understands Leadership (Leading yourself & leading people) steps into power? That would be the best thing that has ever happened to that Nation, because God’s will is the best, and according to a great leader, John Maxwell, “Everything falls and rises on Leadership.”

But, the world would not become better only because we have a good political system, and good governance.

The world would become a better place, only if visionary men who know and are ready to run with God’s will for a Nation find their place in these 7 spheres of influence, and seek to pursue Success in that path until they become successful enough to dominate that sphere, and influence the decision of Nations.

Be so good in the Mountain of family that even Kings consult you on how a family should run.

Be so good in the Mountain of Religion that  you become the first person to run to when there is a problem. Be that loud about it.

Be exceptionally good in the educational sector, so much that you become a voice in that sphere, and every time there’s a challenge in that sphere, you become a ‘go to’ person.

Press until you become such an authority in the media, that nothing goes out to the Public without your permission or your opinion about it. Be that good with what you do.

Be such a business man that contributes largely to the economy of your country. So, you can influence the decisions of that country.

Strive to become an authority, a person of high level of recognition and Success in the Mountain of Arts and Entertainment – Be good in your craft, so that when the younger ones who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow  show up, as usual, to pick a role model, to look for a pattern to pursue Success, with your kind of result, they have no choice, but to look up to you as a role model. This means they would definitely not be led astray, because they found the right role model, one they can follow, as he follows Christ.

If you’re in the sphere of Politics, do not fail to find God’s Vision for the people God has sent you to lead, and run with it. If you go with your own Vision, you’ll fail, write down God’s Vision for the people, make it bold, in your hearts, and in every single place you can access, so you can run with it. This is how you will successfully make the world a better place.

I hope you can see that making the world or a Nation a better place is not just the work of the president?

You have a part to play, I have a part to play, we all have a part to play, and if all of us would strive to discover Purpose (Our place in God’s Dominion mandate), and run with it, the world would really be a better place.

I hope this encourages someone to not just sit down and wait for their country to be better, but sit up, and become the change, by pursuing Purpose, because Purpose is the Solution!

Miracle Agabi
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