Human Resource Management Certificate Course

Human Resource Management Certificate Course

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This certificate course is designed for anyone who is just getting started into an HR professional and as such, it doesn’t require any previous HR experience. Increase your credibility and professionalism in the eyes of clients, colleagues, and industry partners

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The first section of this course is geared towards planning careers in human resources, so it places a strong emphasis on basic skills and HR knowledge like HR operations, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, human resources and retention, employee relations, and health, safety, and security.

The second section of this certificate course is meant to indicate skills in the technical and operational aspects of HR management. This focuses on employee labor relations, business management, talent planning and acquisition, total rewards, and learning and development.

The last section of this certificate course will help show that you know your expertise when it comes to being a leader in the HR industry in the international space. It focuses on business leadership, talent development and management, HR service delivery, and measurement and analytics.

Tuition Fee: ₦150,000 (Note: If you do need a partial scholarship, send an email request to [email protected])

Duration: 10 Weeks

Class Style: Virtual


IMPROVED CREDIBILITY AND PROFESSIONALISM: Obtaining a professional certificate can help individuals and organisations demonstrate their expertise and commitment to their profession. This increases credibility and professionalism in the eyes of clients, colleagues, and industry partners.

ENHANCED CAREER PROSPECTS: Professional certificate can also help individuals advance their careers and increase their earning potential.

VALIDATION OF SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Professional certificate validate an individual's skills and knowledge in a particular area of expertise. This is specifically important for organisations that want to ensure their employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively.

INCREASED COMPETITIVENESS: Obtaining a professional certificate can give individuals and organisations a competitive edge in their field, as they can differentiate themselves from others who do not hold a certification.

INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: Many professional certificate programs are recognised and respected within specific industries, which can help individuals and organisations stand out in the job market and gain recognition within their professional communities.

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