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Today, I write about a royal trait that needs to be at work in the life of everyone who treads the path of creative thought and innovation.
But first, let me take you through this short piece….


The room was in order, but her mind was not.

Her thoughts housed goals lying on this table

shaken by a force called LIFE HAPPENS


She wants to write again

But she’s afraid,

can she get it right again?

She wants to start again,

but no motivation to kick-start her

back to the journey she once tried


The year is coming to an end,

likewise her hope.

If she takes off with this energy,

in no time, she will have an empty tank


Like this lady, your problem might not be a faulty goal system. It might just have to do with DECISION MAKING
Don’t be too quick to join the ‘new year, new me’ gang.
The current YOU knows about setting goals, finding Opportunities. If you throw that away, you’ll have to start another talking stage with goal setting.
Rather, seek to fortify your decision making process.
For every goal you set, empower it with insight. Quality decisions are made on the foundation of deep insight. This might not necessarily be new goals; you can pilot it with the many goals you’ve set, that you’re yet to have insight on.

The problem is, you are too familiar with what works, that you’ve slacked in putting it to work.
Is it consistency in taking actions that you haven’t heard?
Diligence, hard work…
These are not new words to you. There are times I felt these words have been overused. Have you felt that too?
I bet to say that success stories are full of clichés; these clichés have not seized to be original, but they somehow get uninteresting sometimes.
The problem comes when you try to get creative with the fundamental ingredients, adding a prefix of IN to the consistency, and expecting to get the reward for consistency.
It doesn’t work that way, there are roads that won’t change, because you want to try new paths. The road that makes the system of success is one.
Decide to pursue insight, by leveraging on the force of a rich accountable network. Submit to the shield of mentorship; do what they do, keep in step with what they say. Study the system that drives their results, go back to your drawing board and dare to reproduce these milestones.

Come to think of it, if systems and structures are put in place to ensure an organization thrives, what makes you think you will grow into a captain of any industry, without understanding how to stir such systems.
What makes you think your life doesn’t need a system to produce sustainable results.
Is there a space at the top, for great men to rule sustainably, without building a formidable system?

These architectural set-ups will not be watered for you, while you wallow in indecision.
Indecision is a low-budget decision; it is not without its bitter reward.
It is a low-budget risk, commanding results that are unattractive for the world’s attention.

Dear great mind,

I am writing this to remind you that your life is an offering that ought to produce a sweet and pleasant savor. These two attribute should define your results. However, on the journey towards sweetness and pleasantness lies checkpoints of bitter experiences, episodes of unpleasantness. Only those who decide to engage these phases will advance to what lies ahead.
To borrow the words of Joyce Daniels, “The ‘common’ in common sense does not speak of an easy-to-get knowledge, but a knowledge common to those that have mastered it.”
There’s a blessedness that lies in deciding to take action, it is drawn from insight.
At the other side of your heart desires and prayer points is an answer, that is rooted on your decision to prioritize growth over wishes.
What better way to advertise your priority, than to be committed to it. Commitment stems from an unwavering decision to put in the work, odds notwithstanding.

I have a lot to tell you, but you’re too eager to embark on the next trip, with a decision tank that is fuelled with low insight.
You’re saying it’s your year of financial breakthrough, but you don’t know the basis of financial literacy. You’ll run, but the question is, ‘for how long?’
Don’t you know your journey transcends this generation?

Small sparks of results are not what you need to build systems and structures. You need footprints of consistent interaction with the process, one that doesn’t second guess the result expectation. The too-good-to-not-work kind of process.

If you desire to be great, then know that the responsibility of great people is the ability to deploy the forces of decision making.
More so, the complexity of decision making does not solely lie on an individual to unravel; understand when to ask for help, learn how to ask for help. Master the art of positioning yourself to receive help. And when you get help, then comes how to use help to meet the help need of many.

In making decisions, be clear about your place as King/Queen. Decisions happen in a court, who you allow into your king’s court can define the quality of your decisions.

In your next phase, you will have crossroads, ones that will demand you to make decisions.
How are you preparing for the opportunity to make decisions?
Are you building insights, taking growth actions, or you’re making complex a structure you never built?

Be aware that you will not be called to the table of kings, if you’re not armed with an excellent ability to make decisions. Be diligent in the decisions you take now, trust me, they are ushering you to excellent tables, where your mastery will be presented to kings.
Like you, I am just a young mind treading the path to a greater life.

This writing is how I show up with the insight I have, holding your hands, ensuring that in the years ahead, we win together.

Gaius BALA
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A Global Shared-Leadership Biomedical Scientist, with over two years working experience in the diagnostic landscape of northern Nigeria. As a firm advocate of healthcare system strengthening, Gaius is committed to repositioning rural health practice to World Health Organization's Universal Heath Coverage. Currently, He is serving as a core team player for MEDLAB CONVO; one of the fastest growing medical laboratory platform for students and young professionals. He also doubles up as Youth Community Ambassador for UNFPA, representing IGABI local government of Kaduna state. Outside the field of health, you will find him extending his winds of social innovation in community development programs, Arts and literature and Teens Capacity Development. He served as the Organizer of Sokoto Book and Arts Festival 2021; Head of Online Promotion, TEDxArkilla 2021.

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