Evolving In The World Of High Relevance: Lifetime Learner-Peace Ogbonna

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

The reality of these great words lies in our decision to become a lifetime scholar and refuse the fast pace of being obscure and losing relevance as technology and inventions take the order of the day.

In a rapidly evolving world, the concept of being a lifetime learner has never been more crucial than now. Constantly seeking knowledge and new skills doesn’t just enrich your mind, it opens one up to doors of new opportunities. Being a lifetime learner is a personalized journey.


Listed below are some of the relevant approaches towards being a lifetime learner and also doing that with enthusiasm and not being bored along the line.

Build Curiosity Mindset:
Cultivate a curious mindset, actively seeking to understand the world around you and embracing the joy of discovery. Remember as a child you always asked “Why?” towards everything around you. Why is the sky blue? Why is fire relish? Why this, why that?.. That is where learning emerges from. The mind which seeks to know will search and find!

Set Learning Goals:
Which areas of your personal growth and career are you ignorant of? Find out and clearly define what you want to learn and set achievable goals. This provides direction and motivation for continuous improvement. Even if you know all you need to know, you can read extensively on others’ thoughts and approaches towards your knowledge.

Use Multiple Learning sources:
Our world today has provided us with multiple learning sources which are suitable for our personalities and schedules. Explore various mediums like books, podcasts, online courses, and workshops to gain diverse perspectives and knowledge.

Create a Learning Plan:
Be intentional with your learning and dedicate specific times in your routine for learning. Consistency is key to making learning a lifelong habit and the benefits cannot be over-emphasized.

Accept Challenges:
Challenges are part of life and as a lifetime learner, you must have constant encounters with them. Don’t shy away from challenging subjects. Embracing difficulties in learning promotes growth and resilience. Even though you fail try again until you get it, remember each time you try out a failed challenge, you are trying out with an experience not to fail that way again.

Journal your Journey:
Documentation is very necessary as it can serve as a learning tool for others and a reference point for us. Keep a journal or utilize digital tools to document your learning experiences. Reflecting on your progress reinforces the value of continuous learning.

Engage in Learning Communities:
Sometimes the journey can become hectic and doing it alone might wear one-off. Engaging with groups or online communities that share your interests. Learning from others and participating in discussions enhances the learning experience and helps you stay motivated and committed to the course.

Feedback Mechanism:
Create a feedback mechanism for yourself in your learning process as this helps you know your progress. Actively seek feedback on your learning efforts. Constructive criticism helps refine your understanding and approach.

Stay Technologically Savvy:
Don’t leave life as though you were in the dark age, step out of your comfort zone. Embrace new technologies and incorporate them into your learning process. Online platforms, apps, and tools can enhance accessibility and efficiency. Most importantly it will help your esteem and increase your self-relevance.

Inculcate Teaching others:
The best way to retain knowledge is by sharing it. Share your knowledge with friends, and family, or through mentorship. Teaching reinforces your understanding and contributes to a culture of shared learning.

Attend Workshops and Conferences:
Being a lifetime learner entails learning from experts too. Participate in workshops, conferences, and seminars to stay updated on industry trends and network with other learners.

Be a Diverse Learner
Learn new things different from what you know. Avoid getting stuck in a learning rut by regularly exploring new subjects. This keeps your mind agile and open to different areas of knowledge. It also helps you be a balanced converser because there is hardly any topic you can’t relate to.

Utilize Learning Apps:
There are several learning apps at our disposal today. Leverage educational apps tailored to your interests. These apps often provide bite-sized learning opportunities that fit into a busy schedule.

Stay Open to Feedback:
This is a bit different from creating a feedback mechanism, here it is not related to the course you are studying rather it is feedback in regards to your life as a whole. Embrace feedback as a valuable tool for improvement. Whether it’s from peers, mentors, or self-assessment, use feedback to refine your learning strategies.

Travel and Explore:
Be open to new things, travel, and explore new things. Immerse yourself in new cultures and environments. Traveling can provide unique learning experiences that go beyond traditional educational settings.

Having listed the ways of being a lifetime learner, it is important to  know  the numerous benefits of being a lifetime learner. The list is unexhaustive, nevertheless, a few of the benefits are listed below. As John Dewey quips, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

1. Cognitive Flexibility:
Embracing a lifelong learning mindset enhances cognitive flexibility. Adapting to new information and situations becomes second nature, fostering resilience in the face of challenges.

2. Professional Growth:
Continuous learning is a pathway to professional development. Acquiring new skills or refining existing ones can lead to career advancement and increased job satisfaction thereby making one relevant in the place of work and not an inactive employee who can be laid off at any time.

3. Personal Enrichment:
There is an aura of relevance and significance when you sit with people and you can relate to any topic thrown to the table. Learning isn’t confined to professional growth; it also enriches your personal life. Exploring diverse subjects and hobbies adds depth and meaning, making each day more fulfilling.

4. Improved Problem-solving Skills:
Lifelong learners tend to be adept problem solvers. Exposure to varied knowledge domains enhances critical thinking and analytical skills, allowing for innovative solutions to complex issues. Amazing right?

5. Enhanced Adaptability:
The world is in a perpetual state of change. Lifelong learners are better equipped to navigate and thrive in evolving environments, demonstrating a higher level of adaptability and resilience.

6. Confidence Boost:
Acquiring new knowledge boosts self-confidence. The more you learn, the more you realize your capacity to tackle new challenges, fostering a positive self-perception and increased self-esteem.
7. Social Connection:
Lifelong learning often involves interacting with diverse groups of people. This not only expands your social circle but also exposes you to different perspectives, fostering a more inclusive mindset. This also builds strong networking and creates great opportunities for people through these networks.

8. Health Benefits:
Engaging in intellectual pursuits has been linked to improved cognitive health. Learning stimulates the brain, potentially reducing the risk of cognitive decline as you age.

9. Sense of Purpose:
A commitment to lifelong learning provides a sense of purpose and direction. It instills a continuous drive to explore, grow, and contribute to the world around you thereby making it a better place for us all.

10. Adaptation to Technological Advances:
In today’s digital age, technology evolves rapidly. Lifelong learners are better equipped to harness the power of new technologies, staying relevant in an ever-changing landscape and working smarter to achieve maximum productivity.

In conclusion, being a lifetime learner is not just a habit; it’s a mindset that brings numerous benefits. The joy of discovery, the satisfaction of growth, and the resilience to face the unknown – these are the rewards of a life dedicated to learning. So, embrace the journey of continuous education, and let the pursuit of growth be a lifelong adventure.

Always keep in mind the quote of Brain Herbert “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

Peace Chinyere Ogbonna
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