How To Smash That Goal In 2024- Ogechi Adili

It’s not enough to lighten candles, write out goals for the new year  and scream wishes .

If you must achieve all you have written down for the new year, there are few things you must do intentionally which include;  setting specific goals, goal structuring, creating realistic deadlines, self motivation, focus, tracking progress, and flexibility.


Specific Goals: The beginning of the year is a time when so many people write down goals ,  make resolutions and some even make hasty decisions by cutting people out of their lives just to ensure success  for themselves. However, if your goals and dreams must be achieved , then you have to set specific goals which can be measured. Clearly define what you want to achieve in the new year and if these goals are structured in a way that could be measured , it will help you track your progress to know how much of what you specified has been achieved. These specified goals do not need to take a whole page but clarity is definitely a lamp in darkness. Being specific about your goals will save you the trouble of running in circles and not nipping the board. 


Goal Structuring: This involves breaking your goals into smaller tasks. Those specific goals  you have written down,  divide them into smaller, manageable tasks. This will make them less overwhelming and easier to accomplish. As said earlier , it’s not about the number of pages your wishes are. 

Are your  goals well structured? I love explaining this point using practical terms . Imagine you have a goal to publish a book this year. These are few mini goals you can break that whole goal into;


What’s the title? 

How many pages in general?

 How many chapters will you write per week?

What publishing firm do you intend working with?

How much will it require to get the book published?

I’m publishing with firm XYZ and within *** months I should set up trainings to raise N***.


What marketing strategies can be used ? 

I will do*** every Monday of the week for *** months  on my social handles to create awareness of the book.

I will get marketing tools and platforms ready in *** months.

Just like that your goal of publishing a book in 2024 has been broken down into small tasks which are measurable. These tasks could be expanded  as you gain clarity.


Create Realistic Deadlines: We are in the first month of the year right? Imagine an individual setting a deadline to sell and deliver  50,000  copies of a published book in paperback that is not yet written by tomorrow? This is very unrealistic. One key to smashing goals in 2024 is to set deadlines for each task or milestone to keep yourself accountable and ensure that you stay on track. All distractions that could be avoided and are not necessary should be ignored. For a Writer, starting another full blown book close to a deadline is a distraction to the initial goal. You could also get an accountability partner or sign up for an accountability course. Sometimes, you don’t have to walk and work alone.


Stay Motivated: I have a series I run on my Facebook page every Monday tagged: Mondaispiration. In all honesty, it is not every Monday I feel motivated to write. However, I have cultivated a culture of always showing up, not minding the number of words. I  try to draw inspiration from happenings around me and not necessarily how I feel. If you must achieve your set goals, find ways to stay motivated throughout the year. Rewarding  yourself for reaching milestones is one way to stay motivated . I could decide to reward myself with something I have been craving or something I desire so much only when I have achieved a task. This also means denial of some pleasure when you don’t meet a task. The reward system approach can spur motivation and serve as a measure to keep you on track. Other ways to stay motivated include; seeking support from friends or family, or regularly reminding yourself of the benefits of achieving your goals.


Focus: Focus is a necessary ingredient in achieving success. I remember those days in boarding school, I would be playing with my friends but whenever I remember I had promised my mother to take the first position in class , I would quickly and quietly leave the group. My friends were as focused so when they see me leave , they always get the memo and leave to read too. To achieve goals one needs to shun distractions and stay focused on your goals. Prioritize your tasks and eliminate any unnecessary activities that may hinder your progress. This doesn’t mean you should rest when you need to . Of course , you need to eat healthy and alive to achieve goals.


Track Your Progress: Regularly assess your progress towards your goals. This will help you identify any areas where you may need to adjust your approach or put in extra effort. Those goals you have written down, do you go back to assess yourself to see how well you are doing? Do you try to make adjustments ? As days go by , many circumstances are bound to unfold . Only those who revisit their vision board smash their goals. Most times as you go forward  you gain more clarity which can help you reshape your tasks for better results. Tracking your progress is one way to achieve your goals.


Flexibility :  No individual is a sea of all knowledge. Be open to adapting your goals or strategies if necessary. Sometimes unexpected circumstances may arise, and it’s important to be flexible and adjust your plans accordingly. This doesn’t make you lazy, weak, unserious and unready to achieve goals. Just as sweet Nigerian Jollof rice cannot do without fresh pepper and onion, smashing goals cannot do without flexibility when required.

Goals are set to be achieved and not just to play to the gallery. If you must smash your goals in. 2024, the steps discussed above should be taken seriously with so much intentionality. Remember, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Smashing of goals requires intentionality. 

See you at the top. 

Let’s smash those goals!

Ogechi Adili
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