Resolute On Resolutions: 5 Ways To Hold On When The Going Gets Tough – Helen Yahaya

Are you still resolute about your new year resolutions?

The new year began about 25 days ago and it’s moving so fast. Well… it’s no more new anymore. I read a person’s post and he said; ” Of all January’s he has passed through, this January is the fastest”

I laughed. How true is that.

How are you doing? And how did the year begin for you and how is it going? How far with your new year resolutions?


A resolution is a statement of intention made by a strong will and determination to fulfill or accomplish that intention. This intention can be time bound or it can be for a lifetime. Intentions can also be seen as goals, aspirations, and objectives that an individual desires to see become a reality in his or her lifetime.

People are energized to set new resolutions because it’s ‘new’. Nobody hates anything new. No matter what it is, tangible or intangible, so long as it’s new, people will love it. Or don’t you love new things?

So, the thoughts of new year makes people feel like everything about their life will automatically become new. So, they are motivated and inspired to start afresh by setting new year resolutions, with the believe that they will indeed achieve or accomplish what they failed to in the new year.

Do you get?

However, is setting resolutions all there is to seeing your life become better and seeing your life become that success or greatness you imagined or dreamt of?

Sometimes this gets me thinking deeply. If resolutions gives people the chance that their lives will become better, why doesn’t it actually turn out for the better as it ought to?


Don’t you feel that there’s a missing link, like a gap to be filled or a bridge between setting new year resolutions and seeing them become a reality?


Well, I believe there is. Setting new year resolutions is just step one on that ladder or on filling the gap. In this article, let’s delve into five things to do to see your resolutions become a reality. These things are going to help you hold on even as we travel deep into 2024. Mind you, as January comes to a close, the year will run like someone is chasing it, so you better buckle up. Let’s go!

✅ Keep Them Where you Can See Them Daily


After judiciously writing down your goals, intentions, or resolutions as you call it, ensure you put or place them where your eyes can see them when it opens every morning and when it’s about to close every night.


There’s power in doing this seemingly simple thing. You can keep them placed on the wall beautifully designed in your room as sticky notes or just improvise ways to put them where you can see them daily and often.


What this does is that it instills repetition in your subconscious mind and passes a message that those things you see everyday must become a reality. So, it gets to work within you.


✅ Visualize


After placing them where you can see them every day, next thing you must do is to visualize.


What does this thing about visualization really mean? It is putting the power of your imagination to work. It is allowing your imagination to do it’s work of painting images of those resolutions or goals to look like real life in your head or your mind. Visualization is seeing the end of your goals from the beginning while it’s still on paper.


This goes with the first point because you have to deliberately give your subconscious mind work. This is because your subconscious is more powerful than your conscious mind.


✅ Action plans


This should have been be done as you wrote down your resolutions/intentions/goals. You write the action you need to take with each resolution you set.


Let me give you an example; If your resolution is to make a sum of 500,000 naira monthly this year, the action plan will be: I will learn or upgrade my skills of Digital marketing, look for higher paying clients, pitch to them and get the client of my choice who will pay me the amount of money I desire.


So, you immediately get to work by learning or upgrading your digital marketing skills either online or whatever means is suitable for you. This is an action plan.


Setting an action plan along with your resolutions will give you the motivation to do what you need to do. It will also register in your subconscious mind that there’s work, so some way it will mark in you to act in the direction of your resolutions. Hope you understand.


✅ Do or Act


There is nothing more fulfilling than doing what you said you will do or what you wrote you will do.


Act your resolutions. Do your goals. Taking action is the most important factor needed in filling the gap between your resolutions and seeing them become a reality. Set time frames for your resolutions, sot that you know the time allotment for each of them either daily, weekly, or monthly.


Taking action makes you treasure your time and be productive every day


John C. Maxwell said; “If you do the things you said you will do, then success is sure/certain.”


Just do. Take action on your resolutions.


✅ Self-competition


The only person you are in competition with is yourself. Know this and know peace. Quit the comparison with your friends or with people around you. They are not you and you are not them. They can never be you and you can never be them.


Life is a personal (individual) race. Life is also turn by turn. So, give yourself time as you consciously and deliberately act on your resolutions daily. Before you even know it, they will become a reality in your eyes.


So, strive to become a better you every new day that meets you. That’s the most healthy competition ever.


As I end, I want you to understand that resolutions are a very great way to start every year, but they are not the way out of the old ways of living or habits that made you stay unproductive and hindered you from achieving your goals.


They are things you must do as I stated earlier; keep them in sight, envision them, set action plan, act/do them, and be in competition with yourself. These and others and the steps to fill up the ladder from resolutions to actualization.


Till I come again next time, keep doing the right thing in alignment with your resolutions.

Helen Yahaya
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