Seven (7) Effective Ways To Prioritize Your Growth And Development – Stephanie Williams

In this fast growing world, the new economy is you and you must be very intentional about who you are becoming to scale through. One of the ways to navigate this fast paced world is to consistently grow with it and step up your growth game.

Prioritizing personal growth is not an option to debate whether or not you need but a necessity if you want to play the global game of life. Personal growth and development is a compass that allows you to unlock your hidden talents and abilities, and propels you towards achieving your highest being.

Who you are becoming everyday is greater than who you were yesterday, hence your desire for growth is paramount.

When it comes to personal growth and development, it is all about intentionality and the conscious effort of one to improve all areas of life both in body, soul and mind.

Every day you wake up, you should constantly look out for ways you can improve on yourself towards becoming a better version than you were yesterday.

The journey of personal development is a lifelong endless one; not easy but worth it in the end because a better version of you will be revealed.

In the game of personal development, there are important and effective ways you can grow yourself while enjoying the process. 

In this article, I will be taking you on an effective ride to executing your personal growth plan. Here are 7 steps you must take to step up your growth game:

MASTER YOUR MIND: As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. You are what you think and what you produce is a function of your thoughts. Your mind is the factory that produces the results of your reality.

Your life is a blueprint of your mind because creativity starts in the mind before becoming a reality. This is where the whole game starts. It takes a growing mind to rise and thrive in any situation. What kind of mindset do you possess? Fixed mindset or growth mindset?

Gain mastery over your mind and start winning your growth game.

To master your mind, you must choose who you give attention to, who you listen to, what you watch, where you go, the books you read, and the environment you have decided to dwell in.

The first thing you see in the morning affects the outcome of your entire day. Be watchful!

GET UNCOMFORTABLE: I will borrow the words of a great man, Ubong King, as he said “The only way to get out of trouble is to step into trouble.” 

Yes, the only way to get out of uncomfortable situations is to step in and make things change. If there is something about your situation that you do not like, you must get uncomfortable to make things change for you. 

You cannot change things by being comfortable and complaining. The place of convenience and unbothered comfort is where dreams die and champions are buried. You must stretch beyond your comfortability to gain that future comfort. You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Growth will stretch you till you exert all your potential. And like Fii Stephen would say, growth will cost you but not growing will cost you much more. 

SET AUDACIOUS GOALS: Successful people are very bold and audacious. They have what I will call the COURAGE CAPITAL. 

Where is your bag of audacity? That desire in your heart is heavens whispers to you. A desire is just a mere desire until it is written down on paper with a target in mind. One of the most effective ways of scaling greater heights is to set goals and be committed to them.

In the game of life, audacity must be your ally and timidity your foe. Learn to dare things and be bold on what you want to achieve. Do not be afraid to dream big and mount on the eagle’s wings because yes, your dreams are valid but with a set goal. Have goals, write them and run with them like impossible is nonsense.

HAVE APPETITE FOR RISK: Risk is the new safe and the earlier you start taking risk, the more you will accomplish those you desire.  I know we all are scared of failing; I am too you know but, failure is a recipe for success. Failure is feedback from what went wrong and what you should do better. 

As John C Maxwell once said “Failure is part of success.” You must learn to embrace those moments where you made mistakes and didn’t do things right because how else will you learn right? You cannot succeed well without failing at some point. Rise above the fear of failing and be unstoppable. Be daring and try out new ideas. What could happen? Life itself is a risk. To fail is a risk, to succeed is also a risk.

As a young person, and as long as you are still alive, there is so much more to achieve and you must embrace taking on daunting tasks because where there is no risk, there will be no return. 

FOCUS ON THE RESULTS: Do you try once and give up at the slightest challenge? What is your mark? What is the prize that is set before you? That is where your eyes should be even when the going gets tough. Keep pressing and stay focused because there lies the results. If you don’t press, there won’t be any juice. Pressing towards the mark will not come easily, it will tarry but develop a staying power until the appointed time. Those who stay focused on the results they hope to achieve will persist till they achieve it regardless of the obstacles or challenges.


INVEST IN YOURSELF: Do not get tired of hearing this because it is a fact that cannot be ignored. The greatest return on investment is yourself. The bible says “Buy the truth and sell it not”

What are you buying? Books, courses, knowledge, coaching sessions, training materials, shoes or other liabilities? Intentionally invest in yourself.

Clothes are great but what is your priority? Knowledge is a differentiator. You can never go wrong investing heavily on yourself. Be your number one priority in your investment list and grow your future bank.



D-Desires: What are your desires? Are they in line with your vision to grow?


N-Needs: There is a huge difference between wants and needs. Needs are necessities and to grow is one of your necessities so do well to prioritize that. It is not an option but a must to grow.


A-Aspirations: Who do you aspire to become? What are you doing to achieve that? Are you still on track? Only growth and the necessary sacrifices can bring your aspirations to life .


Prioritizing personal growth is not a luxury; it’s an investment in your future self and the investment that yields the highest return on investment. 


By adopting these principles, you can navigate the winding path of personal growth with purpose, resilience, and a commitment to becoming the best version of yourself.  The journey will not be easy but it will be worth the investment in the end as it will empower you for the greater good.

Stephanie Williams
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